New to AP, Couldn't Switch to AP rate. How does this work?


Apr 22, 2007
I booked a stay at the POP several months ago for Aug 7 -12. I started with a package but then when I bought the AP I dropped the tickets and dining plan but I kept the airfare. When I called about changing to AP, they said I couldn't since I had the airfair. Do you have to have a room only reservation to change when the AP rates come out? I need to know this for future plans. My DD, Her hubby, and I are going later this year and I would like to be able to change that ressie to AP rates if possible but it originally started as a pkg as well. I don't have airfare on it but do have trip insurance. Would I lose the trip insurance if I changed it?
The AP rate can't be applied to ANY ressie that originated as a package. You'd have to cancel the original ressies that you made & book a "room only" at the AP rate. So, you would lose the trip insurance if you cancelled the second ressie.


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