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Jan 7, 2001
Hi, I posted this question on the Disney Tips board also - wasn't sure where it belongs.

Has anyone ever placed a food/snack order through Netgrocer and had it delivered to your hotel? I read someone's trip report, which I cannot find again, that said they had a Negrocer package waiting for them upon check-in. It sounds like such a great idea!
If you've don this, how far in advance did you place your order? Did you call WDW and tell them you were expecting a package? Would you do it again?
We used Netgrocer in January and were most pleased. We ordered granola bars, cookies, snacks, juice boxes, blister band-aids etc... We had Netgrocer address the package to:

Disney's All Star Movies Resort
"Your Name" Guest Arriving on "your arrival date"
Street Address
City, State, Zip

When I made my room request fax, 3 days prior to arrival, I mentioned the package arriving from Netgrocer. The package was waiting for me on our arrival date and it was shipped via Federal Express. I had to show ID to get the package at ASMovies guest services. They would not deliver it to our room. On Netgrocer's web site they state how long shipping would take (2-3 days I think) so I made my order about 4 days in advance. Good luck!! We would definately use them again

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I used Netgrocer for my September trip last year. It worked great. We stayed three days at the Holiday Inn I-Drive which had a refrigerator and a microwave so I ordered based on that.

I ordered Easy Mac (which my son is still hooked on!), the non-refrigerated milk, chocolate and skim, Pop Tarts, raisins, Pringles,etc.

Needless to say when we transferred to Disney property on the fourth day, we STILL had lots of food!

The bellhop that took us to our room told me that it was a regular thing taking up the Netgrocer box with the luggage. Seems like lots of people got hip to this!

I plan to do this for my trip to the Dolphin in May. It is a priceless perk. I call it my very own club service!


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We used them when we stayed at ASMu and it was great! I scheduled delivery for the day before we arrived, and when we checked in it was waiting for us at the front desk!

I ordered granola bars, breakfast cereal, juice boxes, bottled water, crackers, candy bars, cookies, etc.

We went to the gift shop at night and got a quart of milk (cheaper than the food court) and kept it on ice all night then had cereal for breakfast in the morning! You can get bowls and spoons from the food court.

- Rhonda :-)
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Netgrocer is my favorite tip. I can't wait to try them in August when I go. Much easier than packing all this stuff in the luggage.

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I don't know if the no codes rule applies to groceries, but don't forget to check the coupon/deal hunting sites first! Lots of codes for free shipping or discounts on Netgrocer.

I emailed WDW on package delivery & they also said no problem. Just include the information mentioned in the above post & you're set! :)
Thanks for the tip Gillian! :cool:

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