Need to know for sure! Portofino first in line all day


Jun 24, 2000
I'm getting different answers from different sources. Some books say a stay at the Portofino means first in line at IOA or Universal before 10:00, some from the chats say they've heard first in line is "all day" using your room key. Has anyone recently stayed at the Portofino who would know the answer to this? The kids want to stay at the Portofino because of "first in line access" but the husband wants to try the Boardwalk if the access is only til 10:00 a.m. What do you think? Anyone out there know for sure?
I was there on Monday, and the privilege is for all day, but it is not strictly speaking front of line anymore. You get to use the Express Line without having to get Express passes. With that you are 'guaranteed' a maximum of a 15 minute wait, but during our trip on Monday, it was never that long (the longest line was actually for Jaws).
A related question: for FOTL, you need to show a room key, right? What about the kids? Can they just come along with us, or do we have to get 4 keys to the room so everybody has their own key for FOTL?

I don't have kids, but based on anecdotal evidence they should be okay.

Also, they are checking very closely now for the dates on the keys. When we went the first time last July, they NEVER checked, then the past few times, they would sometimes check, now they almost always check. I was with two other adults, we all had keys, and I would go first, they would check mine closely then let the others in my party go with me without really checking.
We just came back. Portofino was beautiful. We went Easter week. FOTL was great. We had credit card size room cards with our names on it. The adult card allows 4 to enter at a time but we just carried them all. We never had to wait more than 5 minutes. Be sure to go right to front of the line and show the attendant your card. They bring you to another entrance. We loved universal so much that when we got to disney parks my kids were upset they had to wait on lines!!! Be sure to go on BACK to the FUTURE and Spiderman.....
We went last week also. The HRH issued my kids their own cards, but they were not programmed for charge privledges in case they lost them. Our cards were checked very carefully. Several attendents requested that I show them all three cards so I just carried them all in my hip pack. Have a blast!


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