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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Picabo, Jun 10, 2008.

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    Aug 31, 2007
    I have been to Disney zillions of times as a kid/teen and a few times as an adult...NEVER with kids. Of all the times I've been, I've NEVER stayed onsite. I'd like to do it this time b/c of the kids....will be age 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 at the time we go. Figure onsite is the way to go so we can go back to the room for naps and to get the Dining Plan. :cool1:

    I hate, HATE to spend any more money than we need to b/c I figure we probably won't be in the room alot. We may have one "down" day to hang out at the hotel and/or go shopping at DTD but other than that, don't intend to just hang at the hotel too much with kids that age.

    SOOO I'm thinking of doing POP (or possibly Music) Value resort. I'm a bit concerned, however that we may be 'cramped' in the room. IE: how do I get the kids to nap or sleep at night and yet have US still be able to watch TV? Is that even possible in a small hotel room (vs a suite)? If we don't do value hotels, we'd have to stay offsite and I HATE that idea! HATE it. However if more space is necessary, that is what we'd have to do.

    So how have you survived in a value room wtih small kids?? Did you go nuts? Any tips on how to make it work? Did you have the kids nap in the room or did you just have them nap at the park. (I envision my kids will not be too keen on napping in the stroller in the park but then again they may just be exhausted and it won't be an issue!)

    IF we stay at POP....I'd like to be close to the playground and food court if possible BUT I don't want to be in a building that will be noisy at night time - so what building is best?!?!

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    Mar 4, 2008
    We have stayed at the values for the past 3 years. The first year my boys were 12months( celebrated his first bday at disney and every bday since) and 4yrs old. The kids loved the movies resort because they knew all the decorations. Of course buzz and woody were favorites. I have never come back to the hotel midday for a nap. We just had a double strolller and the boys would sleep when tired. While they slept I would go to the gift shops so the boys would be in airconditioning and I could peacefully shop. Only the baby napped the older boy rode rides with his dad. But he did like to sit in the stroller for a rest. Last year the boys were 3 and 6 no one napped during the day. But they did sleep good at night. The values are small but that is all we are used too. Adding a pack and play can take up a lot of extra room. But we were never in the room very long to care. I love the values I think they are fun and great for little kids. Lots of stuff to look at. And our family loves the food courts. We have always had a long walk from the bus, food court, park, ect. to our room. DH always complains about this but it doesn't bother me. After a long day when the kids fall a sleep on the bus on the way back from the park that walk to your hotel room can be REALLY LONG!
    I would still choose the value. They are fun and a good price and I love being on disney property. And I would pick movies.
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    Nov 1, 2007
    We stayed at All Star Sports last year with our 2 yr old. We had no problem with the size of the room because we were only there to sleep at night. It was sometimes difficult to get our son to sleep at night because he was so excited & wound up from everything he had seen & done all day long. However, overall there was no significant issue with him going to sleep at night while we had the TV on.

    As far as the nap issue is concerned - the advice you get will probably be overwhelmingly in favor of the "return to the hotel for the midday nap" plan. This obviously works for many people, but for us it did not. We scrapped that plan after the 1st day & the rest of the trip went perfectly. Our son fell asleep in the stroller for his naps or fell asleep on various rides/attractions (i.e. MK train, Carousel of Progress, etc.) & we had absolutely no problems at all. This may or may not work for you.

    I think you should be o.k. at a value resort, although I do think you have a legitimate concern. If I had been with 2 little ones instead of just 1, I would feel much more certain about advising you to stay at a value resort. I have a feeling 2 little ones might be a whole other ball of wax. Hopefully some fellow disers with more than 1 little one will chime in to give their perspectives.
  4. a82allison

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    Apr 11, 2008
    We stayed at POP in May. We had 5 in our room (because 2 of our kiddos are considered infants at Disney).
    My 3 girls are age 8, 2, and 1. We did absolutely fine in the room. We didn't spend a lot of time at the resort, mostly just sleeping...a little swimming. :) We did not take a break in the middle of the day because it was really just more difficult than it was worth. The little ones napped in the stroller a little each day when they got tired, and we didn't stay out late into the night...even though mommy and daddy would have liked too! (Maybe next year in May!).
    The POP rooms were perfect for us. We used a pack n play for my 1 year old to sleep in. We had a fridge in the room too. We could still walk in the room, LOL. It was a lot of fun.

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