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    Hello everyone! I'm looking for advice on the type of campsite I should reserve from fellow campers who have been there. We've never camped at the Fort, but last year stayed at a cabin and fell in love with it so much there that we bought an older motorhome. Now we have a vacation booked over Christmas of 2013, and for now have reserved a preferred campsite.
    Our motorhome, by the way, is pretty long- I think about 40 feet total, and has an awning.

    We'd like to have a campsite near the meadows pool- that would be our most important request regarding location. Anything else is pretty flexible. So could anyone help me know which type of site I actually want to reserve? I've been reading that only certain types of sites are by the pool, and I can't remember which type that was. And would our RV fit on that type? Any help and advice is MUCH appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    Jan 11, 2012
    If you want to be near the meadow, you need to call back and upgrade to a premium. The preferred sites are near the settlement. Ask for 800 thru 1000 loops. That is about as close to the meadow as you can get.
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    I answered alot of your questions in another thread that I just posted to. See post #5.

    As wdwrroad said, Premiums surround the Meadow TP. To be close get 900, 1400, or 600. You will need to swap your ressie to a Premium site although those are most expensive. But the Premie will handle the biggest RVs and TTs out there including yours.

    Got a picture of your new rig to share? :scratchin

    Good luck!

    Bama ED

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