Need a good stroller for a 4 year old


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Aug 18, 1999
Anyone have any suggestions? Would like a roof on it to keep off the sun.

It's a lot like an umbrella stroller but with a canopy. It doesn't fold up skinny like an umbrella stroller but it folds very flat and is light. It also has a nice size basket underneath. On sale it was $16 so no worries if I lose it. I'm sure the regular price is about $20 so it's affordable. The brand is Kolocraft and the name was the Lil' Sport.

If you want to splurge I've heard another great travel stroller is the Combi Savvy Z. I'm not sure if that has a canopy or not but it's super light, maybe 7 lbs. and folds up small.

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Is that stroller big enough for a 4 year old? I have a 2 1/2 yr old and just picked up a stroller by J. Mason for dirt cheap at K Mart. They said it holds weight up to 40 lbs but didn't say anything about the height.

My daughter is average height but she is too tall for the canopy on this stroller. The only advantage it has over our umbrella stroller is that it has a basket underneath. (Kolcraft also makes the same stroller).

So, I am also looking for a "cheapie" stroller for my 2 1/2 year old. The Combi is great but don't want to make that investment now plus I don't feel 100% comfortable leaving it when we go on rides, at least with a cheapie if anything happens to it, it was just a cheapie- (which I know is a very rare possibility at Disney, but still a possibility). Any suggestions? I've been checking consignment shops too.

We used our umbrella stroller last time but would like to have a canopy and a basket this time. The backpack gets heavey after a while.e

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my daughter is just over 2 and quite tall for her age. She seems to fit in it ok and has *some* room to grow.

Good luck searching!

Meredith :)


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