National users beware!


Earning My Ears
Jan 3, 2000
Make sure you bring your confirmation with you and any other documentation you may be able to use. We used the Emerald Isle, and had the Emerald discount of 25.00 or so, and used the entertainment discount for an additional 15.00 off. It was all printed in black and white on the confirmation, but the slip the check-in guy gave us when we dropped off the car did not have the 25.00 discount on it and therefore the bill did not match the total on the confirmation. Well, into the counter I went, where they informed me that it is not possible to have two discounts, and through much arguing, they ended up calling the manager, where she told me some bull about how you can only get two discounts if you pay for the mileage! Give me a break!! She read the confirmation over and over, and I just stood my ground and insisted that you cannot confirm a rate for a rental and then decided after you bring the car back that you want to charge a higher price.To make a long story short, I finally got them to honor my reservation, but ended up running through Orlando airport with luggage and three kids, because they made us late for our flight. We got on the plane minutes before take off. Please allow extra time for arguing, just in case!
We have a car reserved (Emerald Aisle) for the 23rd of this month. Two weeks ago I called National to make sure they had my reservation correct and to make sure they had canceled a prior reservation. The gentleman I spoke with confimed they had the first reservation canceled and in the process of confirming my current reservation discovered that it was approximately $25.00 more than the confirmation I printed out when I made my reservation on the National website. I have the EA discount and a $15.00 Entertainment discount. He immediately corrected the information in their computer so it would agree with the information on my print out and said there would be no problem at MCO. He was very nice and seemed glad to correct the information. Now I'm thankful I called to confirm and got it straightened out before returning the car to National.
We used National recently. I called to confirm several weeks before and we were all set. We ended up taking a "bump" on the day of departure so I called to make sure the reservation would still be held since we were coming in later. ( I know they supposedly hold them until midnight but last year they gave away our car-- we weren't EC members then). The person said yes, but quoted a higher rate with a smaller discount. I then called Orlando national directly and she said no problem. When we picked up the car, once again the rate was slightly higher. The agents in the booth were clueless so we decided to deal with it when we returned the car. When we returned the car we went early, brought our confirmation and the agent at the counter didn't question anything and gave me my discounts and rate.

So, just like with CRO, each person seems to handle price quotes differently.

I always have the attendant at the exit booth confirm that the rate I'm being charged is the same that I booked at when using the Emerald Aisle; my final bill when returning the car has always been correct.
I picked up a car at MCO in february and was disappointed with the employee at the counter, As soon as I turned down all the extra insurance she got real snotty and short. I reserved a full size 4 dr car but was told I had been assigned a 2dr?
I took the car I wanted anyways since they let me chose in the garage.


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