MVMCP or Univesal - IOA


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Dec 26, 2003
Cast Members myself and DD9 (soon 10).

We are taking another trip Dec 17 - 27. Can't decide between MVMCP or Universal. Never been to either so no experience. EDITED: But 3rd trip to Disney this year!

Which one? Thanks in advance!


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Sep 27, 2002
My vote is for MVMCP. Took my boys; 45, 18, 16 & 13 last year and they had such a great time we are going again this year. The decorations, the shows, the parade, free family picture, hot chocolate and cookies really put you in the holiday spirit. You and your daughter will LOVE IT.

May i suggest reservations at Cinderellas castle for diner that nite to make it that much more special for your daughter, The party officially starts at 7:00pm but last year you were allowed in for the party as early as 4:00pm (they give you a wrist ban) and you are allowed to make dinner reservations i believe for 4pm & on. The general public is escorted out at 6:00pm. We had diner at Liberty Tree Tavern at 5:30 and plan on doing that again this year.

Have a great time


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Sep 19, 2004
Most definately MVMCP! That being said, our experiences at Universal parks have been rather lousy, so we tend to skip them.

We've been to MVMCP at least 3 times. This past December we had our DD9and DS5 with us for the second time. They both love it as do DH and myself. ::MinnieMo

Cindy B

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Oct 8, 2000
Personally I'll be the lone dissenter and say USF/IOA. My kids loved it. We went to the MVMCP back in 2000, and we were like that it?

My kids had fun, but we don't need to do again.

However, for USF/IOA, we go multiple times a year. You may want to post this on the Universal/IOA board for some new ideas or suggestions. If the 10 year old is tall enough, they can go on Hulk. Spiderman is worth the price of admission alone! Men in Black, Terminator II, Shrek and Jimmy Neutron is great as well.


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Feb 28, 2000
Universal in a heart beat. Universal is one of the best parks in Orlando. We did the Christmas party last year - saw one show, road Buzz LightYear twice, stood in a long line for cookies and hot chocolate, watched a parade over people's heads, it was freezing and my youngest annouces "It's cold, I'm tired, can we go back to the hotel?" and we did. Biggest waste of $150.00 I've ever spent down there.


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