Minivan at $20/day


Oct 29, 1999
I am going to WDW May 17-24 and just got a minivan through Priceline for $20/day, 183.37 for the week including fees and taxes.

This is my first time using priceline. I hope I don't have any trouble when I go to pick it up.

I have never used priceline before, but I may give it a try. What rental company did you end up with?
Wow! Priceline rejected my $20 a day bid - You are lucky! What rental car company did you end up with?
Priceline rejected my bid of 20$ a day for a minivan and 17 for a full size car. We are going April 28-May 5th. Has anyone had luck with that time frame.

I was surprised too when I got it. It was the first offer I made. I thought I was low balling but it was worth a shot. Now I wish I had put something lower just to see how I would have made out. But I am in no way complaining I got lucky and got a great deal.

BTW it is with Alamo. I've rented through tem before, the conventional way and never had a problem. I think I paid this for an economy car last time.
Hi, I booked priceline last night got $30.00 for a mini van with budget. I'm going feb. (pres. week) and had the same car booked with budget for $220. more. I thought I got a great deal. I hope everything turns out O.K. I never did priceline before but I didn't want to pay $520 for a car. Have a great trip. ºoº
I'm SO jealous LOL!! We are not going until next December!! Do you think it's too early to try for Priceline?


We booked a van thru Priceline last year, I forget which company, but there was NO problem.


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