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Jan 8, 2000
I have asked this before but I thought that maybe someone might have some new imput. About two years ago I lost my favorite Mickey Mouse pin. It was just his head or face. He was looking straight out. Kind of like the face on the old Mickey Mouse Club logo. I bought this pin four years ago at WL. In May of 2000 I tried to find another one at WDW. I didn't but I thought that maybe it might reappear. I know it and a Minnie one are currently on ebay for $4 for the set so I don't think it would be too rare. I saw it once on ebay in a set of 10 and the whole set was only $8. I have never dealt with ebay so I have never tried to bid on them. Thought that maybe one of you might was seen on somewhere on your vacations to WDW. It is a metal full color pin or as full color as black and white can be! It has a straight pin back. Thanks if anyone can help me. :)
I know the pin you mean, but I do not have one.

Have you seen the new Mickey & Friends Storybook set that was released at the Disney Store about 10 days ago?

This is a set of head-only pins -- Mickey, Pluto, Donald & Goofy.

If you look on pinpics, the entire set is shown as pin #9265. The pins are also listed individually, and the Mickey one is #9269.

Let me know if you like this Mickey head. I would be happy to trade mine to you.

You can email me with any additional questions: brnside2@yahoo.com

Hope this works for you! :)


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