Member Services Phone Number?


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Jun 2, 2000
I'm at work and I don't have the phone number. I tried to search on this site but the search function has been disabled. I also looked on the DVC website but couldn't locate it.

Sorry Gail, I didn't know that rule; I knew about the website password but not the phone number.

I deleted the post.
Not a problem Robin. The same, as I understand it, applies to "super dooper secret" phone numbers and websites where only members are supposed to have them.
Guess MS gets a lot of "ressie" phone calls, info phone calls, etc. from Non members.

MS is not supposed to talk to non members except those that exchange in though II. They have made exceptions though. I know I called II a couple of times before I was a member with them and got a lot of info. A member can initiate a 3 way call that includes MS and a non member.
If you have your member card with your membership number on it then the phone number is on the back. You'll need your membership number when you call.
You don't have to have your member number, they can access your account using your social security number as well. I only know this because I have lost so many member cards that I just stopped putting them in my wallet :rolleyes: ...



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