March 15-20 - First Timer with Pre-Schoolers

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    Mar 28, 2006
    This Trip Report is inspired by research on this board. Thank you very much for all your tips... March 2006, it was the best vacation ever!!!!

    Day One March 15th

    DC4’s & DC6’s very first airplane ride directly from Ohio to Orlando, Florida. Everyone did great on using their airport manners and we were allowed to go through the pre-board line since DC4 was 4 years old. DC4 was a little too tired to chew gum prior to our arrival so her ears hurt a little bit but she soon recovered. The flight departed at 12:20PM and arrived 15 minutes early at 2:15PM! Once everyone takes a few breaks in the airport, take the monorail shuttle to the other side of the airport, and get directions to level one we find the Disney Magical Express Bus Transportation Line we are on our way to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and arrive at 3:30PM.

    The Animal Kingdom Lodge is beautiful with a large two story covered entrance and African music playing in the background, through a set of automatic doors and into a wonderful lobby on the 3rd floor with a three story wall of glass overlooking the savannah, comfortable leather seating arrangements, balcony overlooking Boma’s Restaurant, water fountains and a fire place tucked in one corner. Mom goes to the check in line to get our tickets and room while Daddy and the Kids check out the beautiful lobby. Once out of the check out line we proceed directly to room 4347 on the “Kudu Trail” which is almost on the very back on the property and took about 10 minutes to walk. There are “Pods” along the way to the room where you can look outside to see the animals such as zebra, gazelle, ostrich and giraffes. We open the door and find our lovely room with a set of bunk beds, a queen bed, refrigerator, and a balcony overlooking the savannah. We see a giraffe right below us having an afternoon snack! Our luggage is delivered directly to our room about 4:30PM and we are able to unpack a little and play on the bunk beds before dinner.

    We have 5:30PM dinner reservations at the Rainforest Café at Animal Kingdom and head down to the bus transportation around 5PM. The bus takes us directly to the gates at the Animal Kingdom Park and we find ourselves in a very long check in line. The weather is beautifully sunny but just a tad chilly around 65 so we are happy to sit outside and take in the magical environment with tall trees and plants and secret paths running in different directions. It is our turn to check in and receive our buzzer and wait by the aquarium for our table. Our server takes us through the dinning area covered in Jungle plants, Elephants, Monkeys, Waterfalls and we are seated next to another aquarium. DC6 spots a monkey hanging by a nearby tree and DC4 spots a rainbow over by the jungle pool. We are all very hungry and order dinner right away. The kids get a special slushy drink (DC4 Rainbow and DD6 Orange) in a sports bottle with a cheetah toy in the bottom. DC6 orders Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, DC4 pasta, Daddy shrimp and Mommy a cheese pizza. We get to enjoy an indoor thunderstorm and check out the planets and stars on the ceiling. Everyone is tired and a little chilly after dinner so we head back “home” on the Disney bus. Daddy sees Hershal Walker (Football Star?) in the lobby, but unless it is Mickey Mouse most of us are not impressed. The kids wish they had a “soft toy” to make them comfortable but feel asleep quickly with DC6 in the top bunk and DC4 in the bottom bunk. Mom and Dad fall asleep just as fast after a busy and fun first day of vacation.

    Day Two – March 16th
    Magic Kingdom

    Everyone is up early and happy that we are waking up at Disney! After getting dressed and checking out the animals on the savannah we are off to the Magic Kingdom via the 7:00AM bus with a back pack and two umbrellas strollers in hand. We have a 20 minute bus ride and a short walk up to the train station at the magic kingdom and all the families are waiting outside for the Magic Kingdom to open. This morning is extra magic hours so the park will open at 8AM and mommy is so happy and proud that our family was able to get started early for the extra magic. After about 10 minutes we hear music playing and the fire chief steps out on the train station balcony to welcome everyone to the Magic Kingdom. Then the train arrives with all our friends Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Chip, Dale, and we start the count down to open the park…10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,4, 3, 2, 1 Horary! We walk under the tunnel of the train station and find ourselves walking down Main Street USA towards Cinderella’s Castle!!! We walk over the bridge to Tomorrow Land and find the Buzz Light Year Ride. After a bit of stroller confusion (We should have left them outside the ride) we jump right on Buzz with no waiting and get busy shooting Zurg! We are on our way to Fantasy Land but stop by the Indy Race Speed Cars since there is short line (15 Minutes). DC6 gets to drive his own car with Daddy as a passenger and the girls take the next car but DC4 does not want to drive. We race around the track on a beautiful Florida morning with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. Next comes the tea cups, which is mommy’s favorite ride, followed by the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Cinderella’s Carousel, and Snow Whites Scary Adventure. Everyone loves the rides especially Dumbo and Buzz. We shop for hats but no one finds just the right one, but DC6 finds a must have Mickey Mouse. It is about 10AM and we head over to the Crystal Palace for breakfast with Pooh Bear and friends. We wait a little while on the porch of the Crystal Palace. We can see Piglet and Tigger through the big glass windows! We have a nice visit with Tigger, Eyeore, Piglet and Pooh and have a very yummy breakfast with Mickey Mouse Shaped Waffles. We head right back to Buzz Light Year after breakfast for our Fast Pass Ticket we got just before our meal and wait in a short line (10 minutes) for another chance to defeat Zurg! Back to the hotel for a swim!

    The pool at the Animal Kingdom lodge is beautiful with all sorts of curved tropical gardens, bridges, and a tiki hut pool bar. The pool itself is rather small but is zero entry (no steps) just like the beach. Daddy watches a little bit of basketball at the pool bar while DC6/DC4 orders a strawberry smoothie and eat chicken strips and fries. We all jump in the pool for a little swimming and DC6 has a good time splashing around the shore. DC4 gets to visit the gift shop for a special toy and picks out a new friend “Maria” the kitten from the Aristocrats and a Minnie Mouse Hat with Polka Dots and Ears. We head up to the room to get ready for dinner and DC4 takes a power nap.

    We are dinner reservations at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary Hotel at 7:10PM so we head down to the bus stop around 6PM. Once we arrive at the Magic Kingdom Entrance we head over to the Resorts Monorail for the 1st stop at the Contemporary. We all enjoy riding the monorail and get in the check in line for dinner just in time. We have our family picture taken in the lobby and see the genie from Aladdin. Daddy looks around the corner and there is Minnie Mouse! DC4 and Mommy really wanted to see Minnie Mouse and we are so excited that she is her for us to visit. We walk right over to Minnie for hugs, pictures and autographs. DC4 tells Minnie how much she likes her Yellow Shoes. Yeah, I can’t believe we got to see Minnie Mouse!!!! We are seated at a table in a secluded upper level of the restaurant and we can see the lights outside the glass windows. We take turns going to the buffet so we don’t miss seeing any of our friends. When mommy gets back to the table there is Chip and Dale sharing hugs with the kids. Goofy is next and he is really, really tall. DC6 spots Donald Duck at the next table and falls off his chair trying to catch a glimpse of the duck. Donald comes right over and gives DC6 a kiss and everything is OK. Then we get to see Mickey Mouse!!!! Dinner is great but we are not ready to call it a night and we have to choose between Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot. DC6 informs the family we should go to the earlier show at Apricot! We ask the server for directions to Apricot … we get to take the monorail!!!!

    We have to switch monorail lines at the TTC (Ticket and Transportation Center) and arrive at Epcot 5 minutes before the fireworks. We run under the big globe and up the walk way to the lake and see most of the high fireworks and glimpses of the world globe hovering above the lake. Wow this place is busy and we are tired, so we head back for our multi-modal trip “home”. Next time we should stay at the Magic Kingdom for the fireworks or leave right after dinner, as Epcot is too far away to catch a quick firework show. Chef Mickey’s is GREAT and should not be missed but the Crystal Palace was just OK. Everyone is happy after a really busy and wonderful first full day at Disney World. Mommy got a bug bite and has a funny rash on her hand (Lone Star Tick – Texas is on Spring Break this week)???

    Day Three – March 17th
    St. Patrick’s Day with the Princesses & Nemo

    The family sleeps in until 8AM, we love vacation!!! Mom runs down to the Mara Café for Mickey Waffles, Bananas and Coffee so we can have breakfast on the balcony looking at the animals. We take our time getting ready for the day and head down to the bus stop around 10:30AM for our trip to “Apricot”. Mom needs to stop at the camera shop first thing and Daddy, DC6 & DC4 wait outside. DC4 gets a boo-boo on the fence so we have to stop for a first aid band-aid before we head off to the Living Seas to see the Turtle Talk Show with Crush from the Nemo movie. Wow this place is crowded but they say the wait is only 30 minutes, so we get in line for Turtle Talk. DC6 & DC4 could not find their “Line Manners” but eventually made some pictures with their magna doodles and played I-Spy with Mom until the show started. We walk into the theater and the children get to sit up front of this BIG movie screen. Crush the Turtle from Nemo appears and actually talks to the audience and answers the children’s questions – AWESOME DUDE! After the show, DC6 really wants to buy a toy at the gift shop but we need to go to lunch with the princesses so we promise to come back before we leave. We stop by the camera shop but they could not update the camera to handle the new 256K XD Pictures cards.

    We stop for a family ice cream break and DC4 changes into “Princess DC4” with her Pink Ball Gown for lunch with the girls. We walk half way across the globe (really) to Norway and arrive at the Akerhaus Castle. We meet a nice family from California outside and Daddy runs over to the Norway Troll Ride for Fast Passes after lunch. We are seated in a small round room with leaded glass windows in the castle next to the California family. As we order our lunch, DC4 announces the princesses in the next room!!!!! We have all the princesses visit our table for hellos, autographs and pictures. First Princess Jasmine is really beautiful with “lots of jewels” and daddy really likes her outfit the best. Next Belle from Beauty in the Beast arrives at our table and signs our “Five Minute Princess” story book. Belle tells DC4 it is nice to meet someone who likes to read books as much as she does and she asks DC6 if he is the Beast in the family. Princess Aurora “Sleeping Beauty” is next to visit and is thrilled to see Princess DC4 in her very favorite dress and signs our princess story book right on the pink dress page. Princess Mulan also has a very beautiful flowing gown. But where is Ariel??? She is in the LOBBY!!! DC4 and Mommy head right over to visit Ariel and see that she is dressed up today in human clothes a beautiful aqua gown. Ariel signs our princess book and we practice a curtsy with Ariel. Miss California is right behind us with a better camera and promises to e-mail the pictures. Wow who has time to eat quickly before it’s time for our Fast Pass to the Troll ride. Goodbye Princesses!!!!

    The boys are very excited about the Troll Ride or maybe just that lunch with the princesses has now concluded. Mommy and DC4 are smiling …. What a great day!!!!! We walk by the huge line for the Troll Ride with our Fast Passes in Hand and jump right into a Viking Boat. Very Cool Boat ride through Norway, trolls, polar bears, little backwards drop down a hill! We exit inside to a Norwegian Village??? How do we get out of here? Oh, there is an educational movie after the boat ride… hmm… OK let’s do something educational today. Nice 5 minute movie with more boats.

    The girls want to walk to Germany to see Snow White (Who was not able to attend lunch today) but the boys are thinking it’s a good time to head home. After the girls practice our “aren’t we cute” smiles…the family heads to Germany. The boys walk over to the train display while the girls wait for Snow White to arrive. Snow White appears from behind the gate and we are the first in line…. But daddy has the camera. Oh well, Hello Snow White… “Hello, Princess DC4”. Wow that was great… here comes the boys with the camera… back in line, it will only take 2 minutes to have a picture. Finally on our way but now the path is blocked and the bridge is going up… for the fireworks to arrive this afternoon. DC4 and DC6 play the drums with the African Band while we watch the big globe and the explosives float down the river.

    We must stop at the Nemo Gift Shop before we leave. Daddy and DC6 find a cute little Squirt Turtle and Mommy and DC4 get a visit from a strange moving flower pot. We have reservations at the Coral Reef for 4:45PM around the corner so we decide to stay. Mommy and DC4 run back to get a souvenir from the gift shop we passed on the way to buy princess Minnie ears with pastel scarves and meet the boys back at the Coral Reef. We are seated right next to the glass aquarium and see sharks and two really big turtles. We are not very hungry after a late lunch so we order dessert… make your own sundaes and watch the fish. Our waitress knows the Don Drum Studios, it’s a small world. We are really, really going home now. On the bus trip home we meet a nice family with two small boys and we play with them on the bus ride home.

    Once we are back at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we head down to the pool for some rest and relaxation. We swim, have smoothies, chicken and fries at the pool bar and even take a few turns in the hot tub. DC6 announces that we still have 3 more days!!! We love vacation!!!!

    Day Four – March 18th
    Repeat Day One PLEASE!!!
    The family is up early once again even though the Magic Kingdom opens at 9AM today. We arrive just before they open the park and enjoy another count down with Mickey and friends to open the Magic Kingdom. We head towards Tomorrow Land and Daddy wants to try the Stitch Ride and there is no line. We walk into a round room and are told that 626 had escaped and we must capture him. The lights are off and Stitch burps and spits on us before he is captured. (Not Mommy’s favorite ride). We head over to Fantasy Land for Dumbo (Daddy sees Newt Gingrinch in line behind us), Mickey’s Phil-Harmonic, Cinderella’s Carousel and it’s a small world. Everyone is hungry as we skipped breakfast so we go into Pinocchio’s Haus for an early lunch at 11AM. After lunch we head back to Buzz Light Year for Fast Passes and while we wait we get into the tea cup line. DC6 & DC4 could not find their “line manners” so we take a family time out on the shaded wall outside the tea cups until it is time for our fast passes to Buzz. No waiting in Buzz Light Year and the ride stops in the middle of the ride so we have extra time to shoot!!! The Fast Passes for Space Mountain are several hours away so we decide to call it a day and head “home”.

    Swimming at the pool always makes us feel better and it is a very hot day. After a little swimming we head over to Simba’s Club House as the children have reservations for dinner and fun with other kids. DC6 & DC4 check it out and decide to stay for a while. Mommy and Daddy head next door for our reservations at Boma’s. Mommy tells the chef about her Walnut allergy and he makes us a very yummy shrimp dish and we try a few things from the African Buffet. The chef also makes us a special dessert, deep fried Oreo cookies which were also very yummy. After dinner we head over the Simba’s Club House and DC6 & DC4 would like to stay for “a long time”. Mom and Dad enjoy some shopping in the gift shop and time together at the Pool Side Tables and pick up the children right after the milk and cookie time at Simba’s. Mom and DC6 stop by the Camp Fire on the way back to the room but did not stay long.

    Day Five – March 19th
    A Magical Last Day

    The family is going to Animal Kingdom first thing in the morning for the African Safari!!! We get to the Park right before they open at 9AM and head right to the Safari. After we walk through the line we jump on a really open-air safari truck and off we go. Wow this is the best we see all sorts of animals up close including crocodiles, hippos, lions, elephants (even Baby Red), gazelle, and zebras. The truck almost falls off a old bridge but we make it and then we chase down some poachers before the safari is over. What a great ride and a special treat to see the lions (which the guide tells us are never usually in sight of the truck). We stop for a breakfast of fresh fruit and coffee before heading over to Camp Minnie & Mickey. Before we go to the Pocahontas show, we see Koda from Little Bear and stop for pictures and autographs. We are the first to arrive at Pocahontas and get front row center seats for the show in the shade. Pocahontas comes out on stage with Grandmother Willow and her animal friends and puts on a really great show. Right next door the Lion King show is starting and we walk right in and sit down in the Lion Section for the show. The Lion King show is one of daddy’s favorites with acrobatic monkeys, fire sticks twirling and lots of singing with our Lion King friends. Mommy likes the music in both shows.

    Next on the must see list is the Dinosaur Ride and we get into a short line once we make it across the park to Dinoland USA. We all get in line but the girls bail out at the last minute since the girl behind us in line said the ride was scary. Mom and DC4 wait outside under the shade with ice cream bars and wait to see if the boys survive the Dinosaur ride. Out come the boys with big smiles and a pet dinosaur, they did say it was scary when the dinosaur almost ate them but they made it. We all head over to Tricera Top Spin which is exactly like the Dumbo ride we love but the line was long just like Dumbo. It was noon and the park was getting crowded so back “home” for lunch. After a quick lunch at the Mara at the AK Lodge we head up to the room to get ready for our dinner date with Cinderella at the Castle.

    On the way to the Magic Kingdom, DC6 bumps his head on the bus and DC4 falls asleep in the stroller. After a quick trip to first aid for an ice pack we arrive at Cinderella’s Castle for our Dinner. Princess DC4 wakes up just in time to meet Cinderella in the lobby before she has to run off for a big show in front of the castle and we head up the winding staircase for dinner. We enjoy our dinner and watch the Fairy God Mother and the Girl Mice bounce around the castle singing a song. During dinner they bring us our photographs of DC4 and Cinderella and a special picture of the Castle for us to keep. For Dessert, we have a very yummy ice cream sundaes and berry sorbet. DC4 really wants to see the Cinderella Show so we walk around to the front of the castle and find a seat right up front next to a nice mom and daughter from the UK. The show started in 10 minutes (6:35PM) and we watched all the princesses’ dance (Belle & Beast, Aladian & Jasmine, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty with their princes) on the stage as Cinderella was crowned a princess! After the show the boys go on the Haunted Mansion while the girls shop for more treasures at Tinker bells shop. DC6 was very brave to go on the Haunted Mansion after Dark and DC4 picked out a princess wallet and a Belle Doll Set at the shop. We picked a nice spot on the ropes at Liberty Square to watch the Spectro Magic Parade at 8PM. DC6 and Mommy ran back over to the toy store to buy a Buzz Light Year Laser before the parade and DC4 enjoyed sharing her popcorn with a new friend during the parade. We walked over to the Crystal Palace to watch the Wishes Fireworks at 9PM but right before the show started everyone ran in front of us and we could not see the fireworks very well. This was OK because DC6 & DC4 fell asleep in the stroller and mommy and daddy spend the next hour and half trying to get us back home through the crowds. Some very nice folks helped Mommy and Daddy get the sleeping children, strollers and bags on the bus. Wow, we should have left right after the parade. Still we all fell asleep with smiles on our faces.

    Day Six – March 20th
    Is it Over Already???

    The family slept in until 8AM and got ready to pack our bags to go home. The bell boy retrieved our bags at 10:30am and we headed down for a late breakfast at the Mara Café. The kids played on the playground while mommy got a picnic lunch to go so we could eat lunch at the airport. This was the hottest day with a forecast for 90 degrees but we were so lucky to have a trip with no rain and almost perfect spring time weather. DC6 made a new friend from Boston while we waited in line for the Magical Express Bus back to the Orlando Airport. We arrived at the Orlando Airport at 1:15PM and hired a man to help us with our luggage. There was a very long line at the Security Check Point and DC6 & DC4 once again forgot where they put their “airport manners” but we made it through the magic tunnel (Metal Detector) and found our gate for our picnic lunch watching the planes come and go at the airport. We are now airport experts and had a nice flight back where it was snowing and only 32 degrees outside. Everyone had a great time and even Daddy said he would like to come back to Disney for another vacation. DC4 announced she would like to go back to Disney on Sunday!

    DC4’s Favorites - Dumbo, Buzz Light Year, Princesses
    DC6’s Favorites – Dumbo, Buzz Light Year, Dinosaur
    Mommy’s Favorites – Perfect Weather and Being with the whole family at the Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Daddy’s Favorites - The Magic Kingdom in the Morning and Saturday Night at Boma’s
  2. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    You are an incredible writer......I loved everywhere and every thing and all the food ......I can hardly wait to go now......You really got me into DISNEY MODE.....thanks so much for your wonderful trip ......I too Love the Monkeys at The Lion King Show. thanks again and welcome home
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  4. javamom

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    Jan 11, 2006
    Sounds like all had a good time, other than that bump on the head thing.
  5. JessetheCowgirl

    JessetheCowgirl DIS Veteran

    Apr 21, 2003
    Wow! That sounds like a fun trip with lots of swimming, which my kiddos LOVE.

    Thanks for sharing.
  6. OhMari

    OhMari WDW PreTrip and Trip Moderator Moderator

    Apr 23, 2000
    Thanks for joining the DIS and giving us your Trip Report. Was this the 1st time at WDW?
  7. mikymouse

    mikymouse <font color=limegreen>Who is Tim and what was his

    Mar 28, 2006
    This was my second trip... first time was back in 1974! I remember most things at knee level like the portrait artist on Mainstreet, loving Dumbo, Indy Race Cars, Small World. Dream come true to take the family for their first visit.
    I let the children take cammeras so they will remember all the knee level things!

    1.) Dinning Plan which allowed me to set the budget and go to character dinning(no waiting in lines for characters!)
    2.) Chef Mickeys... The Characters were the best
    3.) TJ the Head Chef at Boma's Rocks!!!
    4.) Dinner at Cinderellas Castle was worth the two table services just for the experience, same for Norway Princess Lunch, this was the princess year!(Wouldn't do it again)
    5.) I liked the wait staff at the Coral Reef (experience great...wouldn't do it again)
    6.) We liked March weather and didn't think it was that busy (unlike O'Hara Airport during a snow delay... now that is busy)

    1.) Arriving First Thing to the Parks
    2.) Bring Umbrella Strollers and Zip Lock Bags for Dirty Laundry, SS,etc.
    3.) Making it all about the childrens interest with an easy pace and enjoying the where the adventure took us but having the research to make good suggestions
    4.) Simba clubhouse provided a much need and enjoyable down time for everyone

    1.) Kids say it was wearing sunscreen
    2.) Parents say it was having to leave
    3.) Stitch ride was terrible
    4.) After Day 3 kids were like yeah, yeah I see the Girraffe but they will definately remember the experience of AKL and so will we... ITS ALL GOOD

    1.) Wilderness Lodge (Closer to MK although I thought Bus service was fine)
    2.) Big Guy Rides but also more Dumbo and Buzz
    3.) Mickeys BBQ
    4.) Breakfastasours
    5.) Chef Mickey is a must repeat
    6.) MGM
    7.) Downtown Disney
  8. WDWLinda

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    Nov 16, 2000
    Sounds like you got a lot done, but it still went fast.

    Did your son like the Stitch ride? Was it totally dark and creepy, or did they make it fun (that is, crude for Moms)? We're going in a month and I'm thinking about taking my 4 yr old son cuz he likes Stitch.

    You've just about convinced me to get out early for the park openings then come back to the resort for lunch and naps. I've never seen any of the park openings, and it sounds like you can do a lot more if you get there early.

    Thanks for the detailed report!

  9. mikymouse

    mikymouse <font color=limegreen>Who is Tim and what was his

    Mar 28, 2006
    The kids love stitch DC6 like the ride and DC4 did not! They have the shoulder harness come down over you, place goes dark and lots of flashing lights, no movement. I couldn't follow the story. Now every time someone does something gross we tell them to stop acting like stitch.

    I loved going for park opening between that and Fast Passes we were able to do all the stuff on our list and head back before anyone got too grumpy. Definately more crowded after 11AM and definately more crowded on the weekend.
  10. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Enjoyed reading your report ~ Thanx for sharing.
  11. TLinden16

    TLinden16 Scotty and Ray at Jelly Rolls are the best!

    Dec 20, 2002
    Great report. Smart idead letting DC4 bail out of Dinosaur. It's pretty intense for the little ones.

    Thanks for posting!
  12. Skwinkles

    Skwinkles Mouseketeer

    Mar 29, 2006
    SOunds like you had a wonderful trip...thanks for sharing!
  13. averill94

    averill94 DIS Veteran

    Aug 14, 2004
    Sounds soooo magical. After reading it I didnt even pick up that you didnt do MGM until your second post- Leaves plenty for "next" time.
    Isnt it the best trip ever? In the world?
    It sounds like your meal times worked out well, I have to check my ADR's I may have scheduled dinners a little early: usually around 5:30 (except Le Cellier at 7:20) Plan is probably get to park at opening (never saw what you described at MK) stay to early afternoon, go to ASMo for a little relaxation then to dinner at 5:30.
    I hope we (me DH, DS9, DD2 and DM56)are not too rushed!
  14. mikymouse

    mikymouse <font color=limegreen>Who is Tim and what was his

    Mar 28, 2006
    Quick Update

    MAGIC - We got back 3 weeks ago and we were talking about the "next" time and I mentioned that I wanted to see Pluto. My daughter 4 kept saying we already saw Pluto by the gate and I am thinking that she must have got Pluto and Goofy mixed up. Well last night as I was finishing my scrapbook, and there I see "Pluto" up on the train station platform picture. We did see Pluto but only my daughter caught that detail. I am just smiling all day long because my daughter saw Magical stuff that I completely missed the first time around. I hope she keeps some of the memories like I did when I was her age. I also liked her description of the train station as the "gate" to Disney!

    NOT SO MAGIC - I apparently got a tick bite at Disney and I finally finished my 3 weeks of Antibiotics. I noticed a "bulls eye" rash on my hand on our first full day and could not remember what caused this type of reaction... oh Lyme Disease. It is unconfirmed but I took the medicine as a pre-caution. I did have an extremely sore neck on the trip but who can really tell at Disney hauling the backpacks, kids, luggage, etc... After the first week I also developed some numbness on my face under my eye. Feel much better now and still want to go back to Disney. Never found a tick so maybe he lives at Disney as I remember a burning feeling on that hand on the dark bus ride back to the resort the night before. Anyways, lesson learned don't ignore a rash!
  15. mikymouse

    mikymouse <font color=limegreen>Who is Tim and what was his

    Mar 28, 2006

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