Marathon Weekend 2024

SAFD I tried a lot of different brands and shoes and landed on New Balance. I train mostly in the FuelCell Rebel and do races/long runs in the FuelCell Elite v2.

I also tried and liked the Adidas Ultraboost but they don't have enough cushion for me for longer runs. I do rotate them in now and then for short workouts and wear them often for strength training.

ETA my Garmin tracks my mileage and I find that I start to notice little pains and tweaks when they hit the 250-300 mile range.
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You should not have any issue with buses heading back that way after the race. I'm doing the half and staying at BLT (because I love taking the monorail in the morning instead of a bus) and I'm thinking of taking the monorail back this year. If I was at Poly I would take it back in a heartbeat, but BLT/CR involves that long loop around Seven Seas so the bus could actually be faster.
SAFD: I’ve tried a lot of different shoes over the years, but for several years, I’ve been in New Balance 880s for both training and racing. I haven’t done trail running in a while, but used Salomon Trailster W when I was. I track all my mileage on my Garmin app, and usually get about 400 miles on a pair. I definitely make sure that I have a good rotation so that I’m not racing in worn out shoes. I’ve had too many foot problems for that! I’m a big fan of Oofos for recovery.

SAFD: I started out in NB880 and now run in 1080(v11) since the heel cup/backing on those and the v10 don’t hit on the spot under my Achilles that swells up when my PF flares. After my first marathon I switched to a wide because I had a blister form under my big toenail during the race. I have had 0 blisters of any kind since switching to wides. I figure I’ve got about 2 years left out of the 5 pairs I currently own, and then I’ll have to figure out a totally new shoe since they have switched back to the more traditional heel cup/backing.

I’m getting very endorphin speed/pro curious, but idk if they’ll even feel ok on my foot. 😂
SAFD: Right now my go-to is the Brooks Ghost 13, I have four pairs (I think) and usually get at least 400 miles on them. I'm definitely past 400 on one, probably 100-200 miles in two, and 200-300 miles in the third. I'll be sad when I'm done with the 13s as I do love them, I didn't like the 12s much. I didn't like the 14s when I tried them on, but I tried on the 15s last week and I think they should be good, I need to order a pair. I do think I'm going to go up a half size officially, to avoid losing my little toenails this training cycle!

I also have a pair of Saucony Endorphin Speed 2s that I enjoy on speed days, they don't have enough support for longer runs for me. I'm eying the Speed 3s since I hear they are more in between cushion/speed but the price tag is a bit much right now.

I'd like to try out New Balance at some point, but I don't have any complaints about my Ghosts, so we'll see.

I keep eyeing Hokas but I know most people don't get much milage out of them and they're too expensive for me to not get at least 300 miles out of them.
SAFD: I spent the last two years in Altra Torin 5s and things were good. And then I tried the Torin 6 and… it was not good. And then I developed high hamstring pain that was alleviated by going to the higher drop of Saucony Ride 15… but my feet were very, very unhappy being squished, and then my knees and back started protesting the higher drop. So I’ve been testing shoes and so far the Topo Magnifly 4 is looking like a winner, and the Altra Rivera 3 might work if the forefoot stretches enough.

I track mileage through my app. Most I’ve gotten out of a shoe was 300, least was 150 - I’m generally retiring them around 200 miles. I‘m a forefoot striker running in harsh conditions (high heat + rough asphalt) and the forefoot outsole almost always wears before the rest of the shoe - and once that’s gone, it’s slip city here where it’s so rainy and humid most of the year.


I run in Noosa Tri 14 and I love the shoe so much that I transition them to the elastic laces and use them as my everyday shoes after I have put decent mileage on them. Initially, I got into the Noosa Tri range of shoes because I loved the colors but the 13 and 14 have hit another level of comfort for me.

I have a weird foot (narrow heel with flat feet that makes my forefoot very wide at my pinky toes) that has made many, many shoes complete no-gos for me. The Noosa Tri has always had a wide toe box but it had tongue issues for me in some versions. For a moment I was even worried that they had cancelled the shoe. But then the 13 and 14 arrived and have been like a godsend for my weird feet.

The 14s have just dropped in price as a result of the 15s being on the horizon. The 15 design looks like nice continuity from the 14 but I’m going to buy cheaper 14s until that is no longer an option since they’ve been such a perfect shoe for me.
Good Morning runDisney All-Stars!! It is time for Sunday’s are for Disney. For this week‘s question it is time to talk shoes. What is your go to shoe for training, for racing? Is it the same or different? Do you track use and how?
Currently Brooks Ghost 14s. I am nearing the point of new shoes tho which would mean moving to 15s. I do track my shoe mileage right in Garmin.
SAFD: After years of running in Brooks Adrenalines, I made the switch to Saucony Guides a couple of months ago and they are working well. Nothing really wrong with the Brooks, but all my running friends are devoted Saucony people so I felt peer pressure to make the switch :rotfl2:

I'm too lazy to do speedwork or track multiple pairs of shoes so I just wear one pair at a time!

Track mileage on Garmin and usually retire shoes around 400 miles.

I track miles per shoe with old school pen and paper.
There is no way I could keep up with that!!
SAFD: I used to run in New Balance 880s, but while at Disney for marathon weekend I got fitted at the running store in Disney Springs and bought a Diadora equipe atomo. I did what you're not supposed to do, and ran Dopey on a brand new shoe. I had been plagued with injuries previously while running in the 880s, and managed to run Dopey without any pain at all. So now I'm doing all my runs in the Diadora.
I want to try out other shoes, but with the cost of shoes, and the potential risk of injury, I don't know the best way to go about it.
I have a weird foot (narrow heel with flat feet that makes my forefoot very wide at my pinky toes) that has made many, many shoes complete no-gos for me.

I'm intrigued! I have similar issues and ran in Asics when I first started running, but they made a change that narrowed the toe box and changed the fit of the top, which triggered my Mortons neuroma.

Do you find the "sock like fit" feels tight around the lace area? And do you wear wide width? I'm curious to try the Noosa Tri now.
SAFD: My go to for training and any race over 10K is the Saucony Kinvara because I like the least amount of shoe possible. Too much shoe keeps the foot from doing it's job and harms foot health over time. And I track my mileage with both Garmin Connect and Sporttracks. The other shoes in my rotation are:

Mizuno Wave Ekiden for anything 10K and shorter
Saucony Peregrine and Peregrine ST for trails (the later when it is muddy)
On Cloudflow which I only wear in the winter when I need more grip than the Kinvara can provide.
SAFD: For shoes, I'm extremely fortunate that I don't have a lot of foot issues, so I can run in pretty much anything. In 10+ years, I've used all the major brands, and usually buy what's on sale and/or has cool colors (bright colors, especially red, are faster - that's just science! :P ). For training, I'm usually rotating 2-3 pairs at a time. I track my mileage on my log and try to get at least 500-1000 miles out of a shoe. For races, I've got a pair of Nike Zoom Tempo Next% I use if I'm actually chasing a time goal. Otherwise, I just grab some trainers.
SAFD: Over the past couple of years I have been rotating between Hoka Cliftons and Saucony Rides (both of various flavors depending on when I bought them). Typically try to do my speed work in the Saucony's and longer runs in the Hoka's, but mostly just alternate from day to day. Have long injury history so I do track mileage and look to swap them out at around 275-300 miles just to be safe and besides it gives me a chance to buy new shoes!
SAFD: Have only ever used Saucony; started with Rides, then Kinvaras, and am now alternating between Endorphin Shift 2 and Speed 2. Really like the Speed 2s: light, cushiony, just feel faster in them. Track shoes in Strava, last two pairs made it to ~500miles each before switching to current two pairs.


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