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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by mdhkitten, Mar 30, 2008.

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    I'm going to WDW 5/6-5/8 before my cruise, and we are using ME to our resort. I was booked at Pop and just received my ME documents the other day. Since then I found out about the great room only code that's out there, and was able to book AKL for only $200 more (it's normally $400 more)!!! :cool1: When I changed the ressie, the CM noted that I was using ME. I asked her if I would need new luggage stickers and she said no, that they scan the sticker and that let's them know which resort that the luggage goes to. Is this correct? Has anyone ever switched resorts like this that would know? Thanks for any help!! :goodvibes
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    You got good information ... from that CM and from seashoreCM above.

    The luggage is routed using the barcode on the DME luggage tag. If the barcode would be translated into English, it wouldn't say "Pop Century." The barcode would say your reservation number and instructions to access the computer database find out what resort this bag should be delivered to. So if your reservation is now in Disney's computer as being at AKL, then the bags will automatically be routed to AKL.

    As a safeguard against a helpful human CM trying to correct what they think is a mistake, if he/she sees a bag tagged for Pop in the middle of a bunch of AKL bags, you can carefully cross out the words "Pop Century" on your tag, but don't touch anything else. And by coincidence, both Pop and AKL are in the Animal Kingdom zone for DME luggage delivery, so you already have the proper 2-letter code (AK) inside the Mickey head at the top of the DME tags.

    You and your luggage will be just fine. ENJOY YOUR TRIP!

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