Magic Kingdom in the Rain??


Earning My Ears
Jan 24, 2001
Leaving Friday morning for the Kingdom - and looking at the weather forecast, we're in for some stormy weather.

Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas for what a family of five does at WDW/Magic Kingdom in the rain? Do we go? Do we stall for a different day? Do we just bring the rain gear?

Taking 4 year old ds & 2 year old twins - bringing our own strollers.

Thanks for any input

Bring the raingear, the best part about rain is that it keeps some of the crowds away. The bad part is it can get cold and miserable. Most of the shows and rides are inside, you can use ponchos to stay dry. The parades and fireworks can be cancelled or altered also if it is raining so if you are limited on days you may want to adjust your touring plan for that.


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A rainy day at the MK can be very beneficial. Although some of the rides won't run, you won't find any lines. We always throw on the raingear and take advantage of being able to walk right onto just about any attraction you want.

My philosophy: A rainy day at WDW is better than a dry day at the office:)

Have a great trip.

Go for it. We will if it it happens to us in May. We do lots of stuff in the rain, and that's up here in Canada where its comparatively cold. We need rain pants and rain boots all but a few weeks of the year.

I bet in Florida you can get away with just a rain jacket that is long enough to cover your shorts, and sandals with no socks! Unless you have kids who like to splash in puddles, in which case you should probably get them a pair of rain pants with some cotton lining and if possible zippers at the bottom that can be opened for ventilation.

We've been there in the rain, and Florida gets some doozies. Fortunately it usually doesn't last long. Also, the gift shops almost all sell Disney ponchos for adults and kids for about $5. You could also buy some ponchos at WalMart that fold up into a little pouch even cheaper and carry them with you.
for most of our trip in Feb. We just wore the rain ponchos over our clothes. The lines become shorter when it rains so we were able to do more. We had a great time in spite of the weather. Our DSs are 3 and 5. We rented a double stroller. It was made of plastic so we just dried it off with napkins. If you take yor own stroller, bring a large plastic garbage bag to cover it. Have fun!
HI! We are headed to the parks in August, one of the rainiest seasons in Florids. We are bringing out ponchos and ehaded to the parks no matter the weather. Besides the rain will keep many people away.


I love when it rains!!! Last time I was at WDW it rained and everyone disappeared...then last summer at DL it rained ....(though DH said it NEVER RAINS IN CA)....everyone disappeared. I through my rain poncho on and put DD in hers. DH got wet!!!!

I just figure all those people MUST have been related to the wicked witch of the west and melted!!!! ;) <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">
When we were there on our last trip we spent a day at MGM in the rain, it wasn't too bad, the crowds were definetly smaller but I did feel kind of yucky by the end of the day - much prefer the sun! But you take what you can get, right? We also had two 2 year olds and a 4 year old that trip and the rain didn't seem to bother them one bit, I think they rather enjoyed it! We are leaving in 10 days and I am praying for great weather - we need it, it has been exceptionally cold here in VA the last couple of weeks and I'm ready to get out of here to the warm sun in FL!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Make sure you have shoes that will dry easily. We had tennis shoes and they didn't dry for 3 days.
It was fun, but we were walking through puddles up to my ankles sometimes. LOL
Stuff happens, might work to your benefit as it would probably hold down the crowd...some of the rides might shut down because of weather but many are indoor so really all you need is to stay dry between locations...our experience of a couple of weeks ago was it would pour for a few minutes than taper off to a drizzle, on gear - I'd stay away from umbrellas, they could be downright dangerous in a crowd...bring your own ponchos so you don't have to pay Disney prices..if you can get a color other than yellow which everyone else has....I'd go for the jacket type that opens in the front for ventilation and folds into a pouch as (a) its warm there and (b) chances are you'll be putting it up again shortly....also bring a spare pair of shoes to wear whilst a pair is drying....Greg
If taking your own stroller, I would recommend bringing along your own rain cover if you have one. I just find that it's great to be able to see exactly what's going on in there, and because it snaps in place, you don't have to worry about it blowing off or getting caught under the wheels. It also keeps everything dry while you go on a ride.

The Disney ponchos are great, but your children will look like all the other children. We find it's better to get rain ponchos from a nearby store or an attraction close to home and take them along. Our children were in white ponchos with black animal silhouettes, and they really stood out in a sea of yellow.



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