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Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by TigH, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Jun 1, 2000
    I have been wanting to post something about learning to love yourself for several days, but I haven't been able to come up with anything that was less than 10,000 words (kidding!) :)

    I hope it's ok to post this here. WISH is about being healthy, and part of being healthy is to have a good relationship with yourself. Princess Vija's post about releasing stress is a GREAT way to help us deal with situations that may trigger overeating, but it is also a great way to release some negative energy from our lives. That's just as important in the scheme of life as good nutrition and physical exercise. :) I applaud you, Princess Vija! :)

    In reading some posts on this board, I get the feeling that some of us might not have the most self-loving thoughts. I know I used to be very guilty of not loving myself and it was a very depressing way to live. I've changed how I feel about myself over the last few years through various self-help books, websites, and exercises.

    Anyway, I saw this on another site that I visit and I thought it summed up what I was wanting to post here, but couldn't find the right way to phrase it. This is part of a response that someone wrote in a discussion about the movie Shallow Hal (and how Hal ended up seeing the beauty in everyone, regardless of their physical appearance)

    "As far as being loved and cared for by others...hmmm. I feel better just loving others. If I wait for someone to tell me they love me, or to give me approval, and I rely on that for my happiness, I have little control over when those fleeting moments come, and then they inevitably go. If I just love and trust the whole universe, that feels good all the time. That is the wisdom of the late Lester Levenson, who came to this realization himself after reviewing his life when he was at rock bottom. He took a mental inventory of his past relationships, and realized that he felt best when he was loving, and often felt insecure being loved. I am finding that to be very true for myself as well. Now, I'm recovering the loving in me more and more."

    All of you are a great inspiration to me. I have found so much friendship and support on this board. When I read messages written by people who I think of as witty, charming, friendly, kind, gracious, funny, encouraging, wonderful, beautiful, etc. and I see that this person doesn't view themself the way I see them, it makes me sad.

    We're all wonderful, worthy, precious people. It's time to start treating ourselves that way all the time instead of waiting until we reach a certain weight or age or some other milestone.

    Sorry for the sappy message. :) It's just a shame to me to see some lovely people put themselves down. If you could see yourselves through my eyes, you'd know what a treasure you are!
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    Feb 15, 2000
    What a thoughtful post TigH.

    I've always made fun of myself. I don't think I really mean it deep down. I've just always done it. I think it is sort of a self defense mechanism...you know, if I say it first someone else can't say it?

    This was a lovely post, thank you.


    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    Feb 18, 2001
    That is a wonderful message! And very true. Do you remember seeing the movie Pretty Woman? There was the part when they were in bed and they were talking about her past. He says something to her like "you could be so much more" and she replies something like "It's easier to believe the bad stuff".

    I think so many people end up in that boat, and don't have the means to get out.

    I like your boat better. And I do believe it, when you love someone your wellbeing increases as well. And how true is it about friends, I have found some amazing friendships through the DIS and am thankful that I found this place. It has been such a blessing.

    Thank you for posting such wonderful words. You have the same beauty that you write about us, for you were able to look into our souls and see that some of us are hurting, and decide to do something about it. Thank you for your kind and loving thoughts.
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    Sep 12, 2001
    This is something my Dad taught me. He taught me to never count on others perception of yourself. If you are happy, that is what matters most. Be happy with yourself. God created a wonderful person, ME! He created wonderful individuals, YOU! May be never forget this.

    Thanks for the message TigH!
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    Jun 20, 2002
    Thank you for posting that TigH. I think we need to hear that message every once in awhile.

    PS~ It's not sappy at all!

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