Loved the Poly Concierge!!


Mom to 3 lovely Princesses
Mar 25, 2002
Just got back from our first stay at the Poly Concierge. We originally booked a GV concierge room but after DH saw the view from the lounge, he wanted a LV room. So during check in we upgraded. They were wonderful and we had no problem getting our stuff moved from the old room. It was wonderful watching the castle change colors from the balcony as well as the Electric Water Parade and fireworks. The Concierge lounge was a great place to relax. I enjoyed my nightly Bailey's nightcap and yummy dessert.
Before we went I was a little anxious because I read about rude staff members and poor service. I am happy to say that everyone we met was very nice and very helpful. Cathy at check in was wonderful, and she went out her way to make sure our stay was going well.
On our second day, we came back to our room to find gift packages for each of our DDs and A Chocolate Poly Picture postcard. We also recieved a gift the night before we left.
Overall, we really enjoyed our stay and the Polynesian is a beautiful resort.
Glad to hear your trip went well. We are doing the Poly Concierge in April and with all the negative reports....................

Welcome home and thanks for some positive feedback!
Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay -- we leave on Saturday for our very first trip!! I can't seem to stop checking out this board and looking for more positive news on the Poly. concierge. :bounce:

I've definitely got the fever!!
Thanks for posting your positive report!

We'll be there next week and I can't wait!

The Poly is one of the few hotels we've not yet stayed at. I think you've talked me into booking there next.:D
So glad you loved it, we did too, that's why we're going back in Oct, I found the staff to be awsome!
Just coming back a week ago from the Poly conceirge, I have to agree that it was fabulous. The only thing is that we didn't get the chocolate post card. HOWEVER, as it was our 25th Anniversary, they sent us a lovely vase with roses, a bottle of champange, and some fabulous hand made candy. So, we're not complaining. Would certainly stay there again.
Wasn't Cathy great...professional and friendly. We were there in June and had a great stay, too. Going back in October:Pinkbounc !
I have a question, what time does Conceirge open and close each day? What do they serve (basically not every little thing, lol) and where is it located as far as your room is concerned?

Thanks guys!
We loved the poly too, glad you had the same experience as us. We will be back when we get the chance!
We just got back too and loved it! We got the chocolate post card and the next night a box of mixed fruit and nuts. Very nice! We will be back. I posted a quick review also.

Out of curiousity, how much did they ding you a night for the upgrade? We're going to be there at the end of next week (Aug 30-Sep 9) and booked a GV. I figured we'd be able to upgrade cheaper at the hotel or maybe luck out and get a nice room assigner who bumps us to LV for free (just wishful thinking on that part). We've had that happen before at other Disney hotels in September because of the amount of empty rooms they had.
Thanks for making my day with the great report! We're heading there soon and I "feed" off the reports y'all are posting here. Can't wait...

dbugged, I will have check with my DH when he gets home about the amount of the LV upgrade. I know it was not a free upgrade but we did get the Disney Club discount. Since it was his idea to upgrade and Dh can be tight with the money at times LOL, I did not even bother to ask I was just thrilled have a wonderful view of the castle.:D :D

I also meant to add that the 3rd floor library section of the lounge is a nice, peaceful place to read or relax.
I love hearing good things about the Poly Concierge. Can't wait to experience it next month!


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