Like my new rollator :)


Jun 23, 2014
After a lot of research and encouragement from people here and my hubby, I bought a Drive Nitro Euro-Style Rollator (for Disney).

Decided to try it out locally first, so I took it to the local mall on a "bad" day for my leg. It was an adjustment to walking with it, but it worked pretty well. I was able to walk at my usual speed, and I didn't whack my knees on it, which were both concerns I had. The 10 inch wheels handled cobbles and uneven terrain really well. And I could use it for balance help to reach down and get things off a low shelf.

A few days later I had a day long event for my daughter. I wore compression socks but didn't take any mobility aid and by the end I found myself wishing for the rollator. I paid for overdoing things for the next couple of days.

The fact that I was wishing I had the rollator with me, I think, bodes well for Disney. I may not need it every day, or i may only take it for part of a day if we have a mid-day break, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a big help, particularly if my leg has a bad day.


DIS Veteran
Oct 16, 2009
Yes, these are good because they give you a place to sit as well as support for walking. I am glad I don't need one yet, but I hope it works out for you.