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We want to leave the campground for a day and go to Universal and Sea World. We would just be gone for the day but would take our vehicle. Is it ok to do this?
We were at FW with our M/H 3 weeks ago. While there, we took the M/H to Camping World to have a new awning installed. The day we went to Camping World was in the middle of the time we had our campsite reserved. There was no problem leaving the campsite empty while we were gone. We did let them know when we checked in, that we would be gone for several hours that day.
When you leave, go out the gated exit into the main parking to FW. Keep your room card with you to get back in. You can either come back in through the gated entrance and swipe your card or through the drive-thru check-in area and just show them your card.

Enjoy FW!
You can leave the campground any time you want
make sure you have your ID card to get back in with.


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Sure, you can come and go as you please. Just make sure that you have your "room key" with you. You have to insert that into the gate to get back into the campground.
WE are also going to UN/IOA and Seaworld and will drive our car too. Other than that, we use Disney transportation for everything.

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We leave the campground all the time and have never had a problem. Don't forget your room key to get back in the gates.



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