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    Friday, January 12: We were up early and headed over to the Magic Kingdom again. We had missed one of my favorite attractions, "Carousel of Progress" as it is only open limited hours (11:00 - 5:00) and we didn't know that the other day we were there. Plus we hadn't taken the camera or video camera, so we wanted to take some pictures and do some filming. We got there about 8:15, walked around and took some pictures/video before the "rope drop" at 9:00 at Cinderella's Castle. We went on "It's a Small World" and took lots of pictures and video. I was concerned the video might not turn out well, in some of the darker spots, but it turned out just great. Next we went on "Snow White's Scary Ride" just for fun, then "Country Bear Jamboree" since it had been closed before and got a lot of the show on video. :) We took the "people mover" ride, I think it's called the "Transportation and Transit Authority" now, then went to the "Carousel of Progress" and were able to video tape the entire show. I had read rumors (on these boards) about this attraction being done away with in a couple of years, and it's always been one of my favorites since I first saw it at age 14 so I was thrilled to be able to get it all on tape, to watch whenever I want! :) After that we headed over to MGM Studios again to catch what we'd missed from the day before. We had lunch about 1:00 (no reservations necessary, not busy at all) at the 50's Prime Time Cafe. It is a really neat restaurant, designed to look like a house from the 1950's. We had about a 5-minute wait in the "living room" before "Mom" (an older lady in a housedress and apron) seated us. Our server was "Uncle Skip" who was just back from vacation and didn't do a very good job at interracting with his customers. :( The decor was great though, and had old-fashioned looking TV's showing clips and commercials from 50's shows. We had to set our own table, and were reprimanded if our elbows were on the table, and we had to always greet newcomers to the room we were seated in, just like they were family. And because we each cleaned our plates, we received "Member of the Clean Plate Club" stickers to wear. Oh, lunch was the "blue plate special" which was a grilled tuna steak with crab meat, over Au Gratin potatoes with asparagus and bernaise sauce. It was good, but rather expensive for a "special" at $16.50 a person, and not even a salad or bread came with it. I guess we were paying for the atmosphere though, too. We couldn't see the "Indiana Jones" show as the college cheerleading competition was being held that day, so that was a big disappointment as that was one of the attractions we were most looking forward to seeing. I think they should hold their cheerleading competitions somewhere else, instead of shutting down a show. Oh well! We went on the "Great Movie Ride" and it was cute, but our guide was extremely annoying. We went on the "Star Tours" attraction, a "ride" that didn't go anywhere but just moved and shook and jerked you to pieces. It was all right but not a favorite. I thought hubby would want to do Tower of Terror and the roller coaster (can't remember the name) but he didn't. No way was I going to do them! By this time (approximately 4:00) we were getting tired so decided to hop a bus back to the resort to relax and take a short nap. That is one of the great things about staying on-site at Disney, being able to hop onto a bus or or monorail and go back to the resort, really nice! About 5:30 we felt refreshed so we hopped onto another bus to go to "Downtown Disney." We did a little shopping and looking around, then walked a bridge over to Pleasure Island. It normally costs $21.95 a person to go over there, but with our "unlimited passes" from the resort we didn't have to pay it. We did have to get a wrist band to get into the clubs though. We went to the 8:15 show at the Comedy Club. Kirk enjoyed it a lot as it was improv, but I prefer stand-up comedy better. It was still good though. We enjoyed the music by Frankie and the West End Boys on the west stage, they sang off and on all evening and usually quite a crowd was gathered to listen to them. We stopped at the Wildhorse Saloon but not much was going on there so we didn't stay. It probably got busier later in the evening. We also stopped at Mannequins (they had a round moving dance floor) and Rock 'n Roll Beach Club, then went to 8-Trax where they played 70's music. We had a couple drinks and watched the dancing for about an hour and really enjoyed it. Had a quick bite at McDonald's before catching a bus at midnight to go back to the resort. Got to bed about 1 a.m. knowing the next morning we were hopping onto the Disney Magic ship for our 7-night anniversary cruise!! :D :D :D

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    Will you be psoting that trip report on the Cruise Board? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

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