Kennedy Space Center--one charge?


Earning My Ears
Mar 4, 2001
Does anybody know if you can still go to the space center for free and just pay for what you do? I think it was 2 years ago, we went and paid for the Imax, and one other thing. We didn't do the tour or other movie. Their website looked like one charge for the long tour, the visitor center, the Imax, better much everything. I think it was about $25.00 per adult, this is a big jump from free!!
We were at KSC last week and there is NO free part any more. We decided not to spend the $$$ as we have seen it before (although it was in 1987) and we felt it wasn't worth it. The cost I believe was $24.50, and there are coupons for $2.00 off in some of the tourist books. The Space Shuttle Explorer was on display out front and we took pictures from the road. Also, it was worth the drive as we saw 3 alligators in the road canals nearby.


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We have an annual science center pass to our local science center (Actually i joined when we were in St Louis), and as part of that you can get in free to lots of science centers around the world. I think the cost was only $50 and it's good for your whole family for an entire year.

I just checked the website and Kennedy Space is on the list of participating places. Here's the website address to check

There are associate and full members. KSC is on the associate members. Just to be safe, call your local science center to get the full list from them too.


Christine :)
I'm going to check out about our local Children's Museum and see if they participate in that! I know 2 years ago, I had a membership and we got into the Orlando Science Center for free with that, the admission was about $9.00 I think. We were thrilled to do that. By the way, the Orlando Science center is awesome for an alternate day activity. You could easily spend 3-4 hours there and if you have a membership to a science center from your home and it's on the list, FREE!! Anyways, thanks for the tips! I find it hard to believe however that KSC would wave a $24.00 per person admission fee for an entire family on an out of state pass, but if they do, great... we are going! If not, no way are we going to spend close to $80 to go.
One of the major car rental agencies has a special offer up until May 31st - 2 free tickets with a rental (you print the certificate off their website). It seems like it's Dollar or Budget, but I can't remember. I printed it off when we were still planning on going in May. Of course, that was before my husband and daughter decided I needed a horse instead of a vacation (to ride with them). They told me I could name him/her "Orlando" (I guess you can tell who the primary Orlando fan is in our house!). Oh well, there's always next year!
Alamo is the car rental agency running the promotion. Print the coupon and show your rental agreement.


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