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    Aug 27, 2009
    We just got back last Friday from Disney. We used Southwest out of Baltimore. I had a few complaints..but all in all we had good experience. We didn't use EBCI and got A-39-43(five of us). It was a full flight going down and we were able to sit together with no problems with our boarding numbers. I had my mom check us in at the 24 hour mark on the way back . We got A-32 to 36..and also sat together with no problems. Flight was almost full.

    ON the way back, we checked our bags at the Southwest counter. My husband showed her his license and she sent the bags on their way. I was trying to get mine, but realized I didn't have my wallet:scared1::scared1: I looked everywhere and wasn't sure if someone took it , or I dropped it or I accidentally packed it. So I asked the Southwest guy what I should do, and he told me to go talk to the TSA agent..WEll I was nervous:sad2:. I told the guy that I didn't have any identification and told him I could not find my wallet. So I had to stand over and wait for a TSA supervisor. They kept asking me if I had anything they could use to check..but every thing was in my wallet. The supervisor came over and was extremely nice. He asked if I had anything. I told him no. He asked my husband if he had our health insurance cards..I told him he didn't since I have them in my wallet. My kids were scared I wasn't going to be allowed to go home:scared1: Anyhow, I told him I had my rapid rewards card printed and in my purse and I had two prescription bottles with my name on it. He told me to show him...he handed me my boarding pass and told me he hoped I found my wallet and knows what a pain that is!:woohoo: So thank you TSA supervisor from Orlando! :worship: I was able to get home and my wallet was in my bag that was checked... Thank goodness.

    The only complaint was they did go through our bags . We had a slip stating that our bags were checked. They must have opened all the vitamin bottles because they were dumped all in my luggage. I had one a day and flinstone vitamins everywhere!! Then they didn't quite zip everything up all the way.

    Disney transportation was very good. No monorails down. The only thing was waiting for the bus from DHS. They took awhile since it went to the Contemporary, Grand Floridian and the Poly<where we were>. We waited for awhile for that bus to come back. We saw many all star and pop century buses..but ours took a long time. Other than that the transportation was quick and got us where we needed. My complaint was the monorails so cold ....They were so cold that your throat was sore when you got off. Everyone was complaining how cold they were. But again, that was minor..and everything went well.

    DME was great. IT was quite crowded when we flew in and we had to wait in line to get the bus. It was about a 15 minute wait. Wasn't too bad. But we got to our hotel quite quickly . DME going back was right on time(5:15am) and the driver was very friendly and helpful. We didn't know if they get tipped or not. We didn't tip on the way to the Poly since the driver didn't load our bags or take them off<we had our luggage with us> But the driver on our way back..put our luggage on and took it off the bus..we tipped him..

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