Just got back from HRH!


Earning My Ears
Jan 23, 2001
We had the GREATEST time. Everything was perfect. Too much info I can't even type it. From the hotels to the restaurants we ate at, to front of the line access, it was all wonderful. I don't know how I will top this vacation. If anyone has questions let me know. I will be happy to help.
Patti :)
Glad you had a memorable trip! What type of room did you have at the HRH?

Just curious, did you reserve the Club level or were you upgraded to it? How was the Mardi Gras parade? Do you do anything with the beads or just keep them? Also, any suggestions for good meals would be appreciated! Thank you.

We were upgraded to the club level. The parade was a parade. They were throwing beads to everyone, yes you get to keep them. I wasn't with my daughter so it definately different seeing it through the eyes of a child.
For dinner we ate at Emeril's which was great, the service and food were awesome.
Mama Della's at Portifino which was also very good.
We would have loved to eat dinner at Mythos but were closed the night we had open. We ended up eating lunch there which was also excellent. Definately going to do dinner next time. The place looks really neat.
We had lunch at Confisco's which was good, for park food.

Were you upgraded to club level with the Loews Christmas card? Also, did you use a special rate like the Entertainment or AP rate?
How long did the parade last? I understand there is a different performer every night. Was the performance before, during, or after the parade? Where is the best place to view the parade?

How about some details about your room? Room size, decor, turn down service, room service, etc?

Any problems at check in? check out? Did they have express check out?

Thanks for all your insight.

Was your room the same as the one in the picture on all the advertisements for the HRH?

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Yes my room looked exactly the same as the advertised room. They did have turn down service but the maids weren't able to get into our room b/c of the key/lock. We found out the last night because she happened to be standing there when we got home. They put a little chocolate note on your pillow. The parade seemed long because we waited at Jaws where we thought the parade was starting but it ended up ending there. It wasn't crowded so I would still suggest it. There is a band I think it may have started at 8pm.
The decor of the room was beautiful. They had little things that made it more comfortable, like a real bedroom. Throw pillows, real blow dryers,robes even a scale! The top blankets were white down duvet. I loved it! So close to the parks. It was really fantastic.
no problem with check in or check out. Yes they do have express check out. The man that took our luggage took care of that, we just handed it to him. Everyone was really nice and polite, they greeted you.

How did you get an upgrade? Are you a Lowe's First member? Did you have any kind of a discount on your room?
Was the club level concierge? What type of food , snacks offered and when?
Yes, I am a Loews member. To get the upgrade, we just asked. The club level is the concierge level. For breakfast they had cereal, croissants, bagels, muffins, fruit. From 5-7 they had sandwiches and potatoe salad, one night it was sushi. Some sausage stuff on another night. They also had beer, wine and alcohol and cheese and crackers. At night they had cookies. The sad part was the people there are like animals, they get off the elevator and just grab, there's food all over the place, they don't clean up after themselves. Don't get me wrong you are there on vacation but people are SO greedy and pushy. At times we just avoided the whole area. They also had soda, coffee and water out all day long.
Did you use FOTL and how did it work? Once per ride or unlimited? (Sorry to start this again but gotta know...)
I hadn't really read anything posted about Fotl b/c it seemed all to complicated. I'll make it simple. Show your room key(card) to the attendant at the front of the line and they tell you where to go. It was usually right by the baby swap area. I didn't read that it was only until 10am until I returned home. We used it all day long! There's nothing like riding dueling dragons back to back w/o a wait. At one point spiderman was an hour wait, we waited 4minutes. THIS IS THE WAY TO GO!!!It was really wonderful. Keep in mind front of the line and express are 2 different things. Only certain rides have express,but we used fotl on every ride. You'll understand better after your trip, just make sure to flash that room key!
We are staying at HRH in August. We have deluxe room/pool view. Is that what you had. I have heard on these boards that upgrading means a smaller room. Is that true? Glad to hear you had a great time. We are anxiously awaiting our trip.
Did you have a car? and if so, where did you eat offsite?

I don't think deluxe means the club level. I didn't get to see any other rooms, so I don't know about their size. I do know that our room looked just like the advertisement. The couch was so great, I can't get it out of my mind. Sage green chenille. I would love it in my house. We didn't have a car and didn't need one. I definately recommend eating at Mythos, Mama Della's and Emerils, as that's what we did.
Have a great trip!
Hi pjank,

Did you get automatic seating at any of the restaurants? I read that if you stay onsite you can just walk into a restaurant and be seated next, like a priority seating at WDW. Is this good at Citywalk only, or is it also good in the hotels and in the parks?

Also, did you use any discounts (i.e. intro rate, Entertainment card, etc.) and still got the upgrade?

Thanks :)
I had reservations at the restaurants that I wanted to eat at. You get priority seating at most of the restaurants at city walk if you stay at PBH or HRH.
Most places ask for AAA cards, which we didn't have.
I didn't use the entertainment rate, b/c I got a comparable rate with my travel agent.


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