Just Booked HRH for Feb, but....


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Sep 7, 2000
I had to book it thru Travelocity. HRH is sold out the the 2 nights that we wanted. We are going to go to IOA and USF on Sunday. From another post, Sunday's are supposed to be low attendance. Gee, maybe we can get thru both parks using FOTL, "EE", and being on a Sunday. LOL
WOW! Sold out..thats gonna be a busy week! Thankfully you will have FOTL! Please post back after your trip...I would love to hear how well FOTL works out at such a busy time. Have a terrific trip! :D

If you don't mind me asking, what dates did you book for and what rate did Travelocity offer you?

If I remember correctly, www.hoteldiscounts.com also offers HRH as well as the Portofino, but the rates are not as good as rates given with the Entertainment discount oo the Universal Fan Club. We booked through them for Christmas Eve & Day at the Portofino ( $179 a night + tax; $200 a night total)
We are staying Feb 2 and 3. (Friday and Sat night) We are paying $139 per night. No where near as good as the Ent rate of $117. I'm soooo mad at myself. LOL I called Thursday and they had the first night at the Ent rate, but I did not grab it. (silly me!) We were not sure at the time if we were going to stay there or not. When I called back Fri morning at 8 am, the room was gone and they were sold out! Out of fear I booked with Travelocity after I called USF ressies and asked if they had ever had problems with Trav's ressies. I was told they haven't heard anything bad and to book the room thru them if I could get a good rate and they still had rooms. I also asked USF ressies if we would have FOTL "passes" if we went to the parks on Sunday. (our check out day) They said that we would have all of the perks up until the parks closed. (I actually asked if they were like Disney and had the perks until midnight of the checkout day. They said that the parks closed earlier than midnight, but yes we would still have the perks on that day)

We were trying to make this trip a little cheaper this year, but I guess that flew out the window. LOL After reading all of the info on the HRH, I really wanted to stay there. With the FOTL perk and the other amenities, I thought this should make our trip more relaxing. We have had a really rotten year in 2000. DH didn't get to take is 2nd week of vacation last year and he is in need of some serious r-n-r. We were going to stay at the ASMu for 6 nights then stay at the Poly for 2. I thought the ASMu would get on his nerves if we stayed there for 6 nights, so HRH fits the bill for our first 2 nights.

Now I just have to find out info on this $8 parking fee. I know it is for the valet, but do you have to use the valet?
I don't know about the parking situation at the HRH, but when we stayed at the Portofino over the Xmas holidays, we had a choice of valet or self-parking. Self-parking was free and convenient; the lot was not far from the lobby entrance.

$139 isn't so bad! Just think of it as only $22 dollars more! Think of it as being lucky of getting the room at a discounted price (isn't rack rate around $175?). That's what we did while at the Portofino. And just think...you may even get an upgrade. Did you sign up to be a Loew's member yet?

You and your husband will love FOTL!!
I've seen the "loews" posts, but I don't know what it is. Can you tell me? Is there a fee? How do I get it?

I'll gladly take the $139 rate over the $185 any day. LOL Plus, by the time we get there, around 11pm, we will atleast have somewhere to eat. That was another plus about staying at HRH. If we were to stay at ASMu the first night, the food court would have been closed by the time we got settled ;)
Loew's First membership is totally free! In exchange for becoming a member you have the right to request an upgrade upon arrival, if available; you also get a welcome gift (bottle of wine, cookies and milk, or a fruit basket), plus a daily newspaper.

I'm not very good at posting URLs; JessicaR or someone else will hopefully see this post and do it!

Since you are leaving soon though, I would recommend that you call their 800 number and sign up over the phone. Sign up is immediate then.

fyi: Some people have said that if you book at a deeply discounted rate (such as Entertainment Card discount) that you won't get the Loew's membership perks. We did while staying at the Portofino, but our rate wasn't rock bottom (just like yours isn't either), so I don't know what matters. Others had no problem even with the Entertainment rate. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to get the memebership and present it upon check-in. I would also call the HRH ahead of time after you get your memebership number and tell that that you are a member. :D

I can't find the Loew's 800 number either right now! If I find it, I'll come back and post it!

WOW! Thanks a million! See what happens when you read these boards....you learn sooooo much. Even if they don't have an upgrade for us, the freebies will be well worth it. Thanks again, going to call them right now.


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