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Mother to the Princess
Mar 18, 2001
We just got back for 4 nights at WL. We had the BEST location for a studio. It was right on the corner next to where you
catch the buses!!! We couldn't believe it!! Our last trip to the BWV, they put us in "Kansas". We got spoiled on this trip!! We were in room 1501, a dedicated studio.

This was our first visit to the lodge and we liked it a lot. It was nice to have Roaring Forks for a quick "cheap"bite. My DD LOVED the water "gieser" in the lodge. Wish the weather was a litttle warmer for the pool. We did go in it, but it was 7:00 PM and not warm enough for me!

It was a little tough having to leave my room to do laundry, I'm a spoiled brat when it comes to that. We've always had 1 bedrooms and this was our first time in a studio. But, we loved the VWL! Now we'll have to check out the BCV, it's the only DW DVC we haven't stayed in.
We stayed at VWL for the first 3 nights of our vacation and then at BWV the last 4 nights. The weather was great during our VWL stay, but definitely got kind of chilly by the end! We absolutely adored the VWL -- we also had a great studio (3505), which was right near the elevator and stairs. We could see the pool, lake and even a bit of the electrical water pageant! It is such a peaceful, beautiful place -- despite the fact that my dh and kids liked the excitement of BW, I'd opt for VWL any day!! :)

Glad you had such a nice stay there too!
Welcome back to both of you guys! I have a couple of questions. Did you find it hard to stay in a studio after the luxury of the one bedroom unit? We've only stayed in the 2 bedroom at Hilton Head and when we do Disney resort stays, I am pretty sure we'll have to stay in a studio (I don't think I could give up my 2 bedroom at Hilton Head so have to make those points stretch).

Also, can either of you comment on transportation to the parks? Did you take the ferry to MK? Was getting a bus to the other parks or Downtown Disney a hassle? Thanks for your comments!

Glad to hear you both liked the VWL! I'm taking notes for our next stays. I have a couple of questions. :) Dizzy4Disney: Your studio location sounds wonderful. Did it happen to be non-smoking? How about yours, wdwphanatic? Was it a dedicated studio? TIA!
Can you actually request a certain studio? We are planning on going "home" to VWL for the first time Oct 2003. This Dec we are using our points to go on the Disney Magic cruise. We stayed 9 nights in the Wilderness Lodge Oct 2001 and loved it so much we bought DVC. Isnt it absolutely gorgeous?
We have stayed at both the Wilderness Lodge and The Villas at the Wilderness Lodge several times. Bus transportation to any park has never been a problem, but bus transporation to Downtown Disney is a pain both ways. Take a cab if you go to DD.
We also stayed at a room right on the corner of the Villas near a side door that allowed us to exit right out to the bus stop and made it much closer to the lodge itself.
Didn't smell any cigarette smoke.
We always have a great time.
We had a non-smoking room, so can't comment on that.

This was our first time in a studio. We had previously had a 1 bed and a 2 bedroom so it was quite different. But I never felt "crowded" (it was myself, DH & DD (19 mos). I like having
the big kitchen of the 1 bedroom, but the little kitchenet was
fine for our short trip. It was really nice being able to bring
back left overs from dinner and having some place to put them!!
There is a queen size bed and a pull out couch in the room. The ONLY thing I didn't like about a studio was no VCR. We brought video tapes for DD, but I didn't realize the studios don't have VCR's. We had a rental car and pretty much drove to everything but the Magic Kingdom. The boat ride there was fun.

We really loved the WL and would definatly stay there again!!!!

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