Spaceman Spiff

one by one, cleaning the universal boards of riff-
Apr 6, 2000
Today I woke up early and started my cleansing ritual before I or Spidey woke the others. I woke around 6:30 but we did not leave the room until 10:00. I vowed to never travel with women again. I kept telling them there was no beauty contest anywhere on UO grounds but they kept applying, plucking, and primping. :rolleyes: We arrive at USF and head straight for The FUNtastic World of Hanna Barbara(sp?). I pulled out my "golden ticket" and we were lead through the back and into the show area. I always enjoy this attraction b/c it had my cartoon characters: Scooby, The Flintstones, and The Jetsons. The narrator for the beginning of the show was really not into it, my pinkie toe could have done a better job. I guess she forgot to eat her breakfast bar and cup o' joe. Anywho we then went to Twister and flashed our card of inmeasurable(not sure if this is a word ;)) value and this was the first time we ran into trouble. The path was not well designed so it honestly looked like we were skipping all those standing in line. There was no Production Crew(I think that is what they call themselves) around to assist us so we got a couple nasty words thrown our way. Shortly after this the doors opened we scrambled inside to escape the angry mob. The show was good as usual,I have always liked the show, and there was nothing that I could tell had been changed so nuffin new to report. Exiting the attraction is a nightmare. We were released like cattle into the narrow gift shop and were almost trampled by those behind us. After weaving and dodging through the thick masses we found the doors and headed to Konfrontation. I really liked this attarations FOTL access. The attendant ushered us through a side door where we took a elevator up to the main level, we entered through the exit so we avoided any scenes.WHEW! Kong was fun but something new would be nice, I would like an update on the attraction...Earl?!? After braving the 32ft(?) gorilla we then decide to shake things up and survive Earthquake. It's been a long time since I had visited this subway and had a blast. For some reason I remember a lot of these oldies but goodies as being on the tame side. We were in the mood so we headed for Beeteljuices Graveyard Review. I really enjoyed the show but from the get go had a bad feeling about the peigons above us. About half way through the show I here one of the girls in our party scream. I looked down and a feathered friend had dropped her a little present on her leg. Being a male anything with doo-doo is utterly bladder busting. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. The people around us also thought it was pretty amusing. I would comment on more of the show but I had my eyes pretty busy looking upwards to the rafters. I surely did not want a surprise! After rockin' with BJ the bottomless pit started to rumble and told me it was lunch time. Today was my turn so we ate at Monster Cafe'. I had a pizza, devils food cake, and a big ol Coke. Spent about 13.00 bucks on lunch and was satisfied. After lunch we headed to see T2:3D, pulled out our magical passes and were lead inside building and right into the room with the annoying lady. Did the show, everyone ooohhhhed and aaaahhhhhhed, and really enojyed ourselves. Looking for a good and gory time we headed to the G&G&G Make-up Show. Just as we entered the building the doors opened up and we walked into show room. Everytime I see this show I like it more and more.

Well that wraps up about 3/4's off this days events. I will finish the rest of today and maybe start the third and final day tomorrow. I will also do a run down on Portofino Bay and my pos and neg of my exprience for a grand finale!
Stay tuned...


Mahalo for the great report. You are such a good person. :) Not even a week wait for your reports. I am tag teaming mine off of Barry's.
Giggled over your Beetlejuice show experience until Ohai came in to see what I was up to. And how come you kept finding cake??? Next time we definitely have to meet with you, especially at meal time. Look forward to more installments.
I had to smile that you had to endure waiting in the morning. My DH had one wife, two daughters, one sister-in-law, and one niece to wait for, and it was grueling for him! I tried to give him little errands so he could pass the time, but I think he was on to me. I think we did pretty well when we got to IOA at 9:20 when we were shooting for 9:00! Saw your note that we were at USF at the same time--I had a green ribbon some of the time, but I didn't see any. Didn't we luck out with the weather?!

Hard Rock Hotel 4/01
Wyndham Palace 7/00
Port Orleans & DCL 12/00
Disneyland Paris 4/99
AllStar Sports 2/98


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