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Aug 17, 2002
Since I am looking for another job, my biggest problem with interviews is Do you have any questions?

What do I ask? Especially if they have told me about the company and the job duties?

Thanks for the help
there have been times, if the interview was very comprehensive, that i really didn't have any more questions, so i didn't ask any. if the interview has been more of a dialogue than one-sided, i don't think it is necessarily inappropriate to not ask any more questions.

how about picking up on something the person interviewed you mentioned about the company that sounded interesting. you could always ask for more information about that.
I was told by a great (almost choked on that word) boss that I had that this question really excited her...

"What do you like about your job?"
And variations on it are:
"What do you like about this company?"
"How do you see me fitting in to this job/company?"

I think the key thing is to remember to write a thank you note after your interview. This has pushed more than one person who've I've interviewed over the top when I've had a couple of good candidates. It shows that you are detail oriented, professional, and that you respect the time that the interviewer has taken to talk to you. Do you need to ask any questions of the interviewer? No, but I like mrsapalm's selection. If the interviewer can't immediately answer why s/he likes working for the company, it may be an indication that the grass is not greener in that pasture.

Good luck in your job hunt!
I found that this works quite well:

If it is a larger company or one you can find information on, research it extensively. The go in and say I see that this happened in the last quarter (month), what do you attribute it to? Sometimes it's a good thing that has happened or a bad thing, but it lets them know that you have been looking into the company and you are VERY interested in it. I have also used little gems gleaned from research in cover letters. And then I would follow up with a question from MrsA so you can get a feel of the dynamics of the company. It's not only an interview of you, it gives you a chance to interview the company and see if it is a fit for you. :D

And don't forget the Thank You note. It does really help. :teeth:
I got some feedback from an interview I was on that if you don't have a question, it's a good time to synopsize the high points of the interview.

Something like "no questions, but I appreciate the time to interview. I know that I'd be a good fit for this position because xyz. Looking forward to hearing from you."

I also usually ask for a timeframe when I can expect to hear a decision.
Wishing you luck on your job search!

I always hate the question "what type of boss do you like to work for?" I never know how to answer that one.
It's always a good idea to have a question at the end of an interview. I usually go with - Will there be any training? Could you describe the work environment here? I also like, why do you like working here (think I will use that one).

I always get stuck on - tell me a negative quality about yourself.
Especially the ones
What do you like about this company?"
"How do you see me fitting in to this job/company?"

So how would one answer the question, What kind of boss? I have not been asked that one yet.

and the negative question? what should one say?

Thanks for the suggestions


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