Is there anyone else like me???

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    Feb 28, 2002
    I am definately NOT a couch potato - I am lucky to watch an hour of TV per week (the Mole) - I have a 2 1/2 DD and I watch my niece 2 1/2 and nephew 5 months two days per week and work the other 3 days (10 hours per day).

    I don't exercise per say, but I am active "running" after and picking up after these little ones. I am trying to limit my intake of carbs but I have struggled to lose weight for 10 years!! I was always very thin (until I met my DH) and now I definitely can shed many, many pounds!!

    Do you have any suggestions for me? I would love to hear them!!


    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    Feb 18, 2001
    Just a few ideas...

    1. start slow, I always went "commando" and burned out. Now I am taking my time and I know I will get there!

    2. Maybe write down your goals and dreams to make it more real, and help you solidify your plan

    3. Find a buddy to help out! I have an awesome buddy from WISH (Hi Jody!:wave: )

    4. What kind of exercise do you like? When you are busy, it is hard to find time, but rearrange your schedule and you can do it. I now workout outside while my kids are playing. I take my taperecorder outside with my music tapes and I do my aerobics. We are in a quiet area, so I don't really have an audience!;)

    5. Keep a food and exercise log. It was amazing to see what I really was eating!

    Good luck!

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