Is current summer 2021 availability standard?


Earning My Ears
Aug 14, 2020
I'm new to reserving time in the summer, and also new to having enough points to book a 1BR for over a week. I'm wondering if the availability I'm seeing is standard or is this "covid availability"? I was all prepped to potentially walk some reservations, but it doesn't look like that will even be needed, especially for 1BR! Is it that July makes the experience miserable and folks know to stay away? This is the first year we can't pull our daughter out of school so we are stuck with this timeline, but just curious if this is standard or not!


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Aug 18, 1999
Summer has been a much easier time to book than most other times of the year (even before COVID impacted everything). 1 bedrooms are the last to book up. IMO, there is no need to walk a 1 bedroom for a summer reservation UNLESS you are trying for concierge or value at AKV. Those are the only 11 month exceptions. 7 months may be just a bit more difficult for some of the less expensive booking categories at the near-park resorts, but not enough to bother walking. JMHO. YMMV.


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Dec 22, 2015
I book 1 beds and summer as above is normally where you want, even busier times like Xmas you can usually get most places.


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Aug 19, 1999
Summer in the past has generally been a low to moderate demand time with July 7 to 31 being the second lowest demand time of the year. (Feb 1 to the Thurs before Presidents Day is the lowest.) It is usually somewhat higher in June and August. As noted, 1BRs generally have even less demand than other rooms during that time.

Moreover, even if you are considering walking, it is really something that is done with the 11-month window for home resort, not 7-month with other resorts. The problem with using it for a 7-month reservation is the fact that any owner of the resort can fill the times you want at any time before 7-months out and thus trying to engage in some lengthy walk will usually be a failure (or later shown to be entirely unnecessary because it is for a one-bedroom that seldom fills before 7-months out). As to 1BRs for July if you are looking at 7-months out, the ones most at risk to be gone are AKV value and club level, and a low risk for BLT standard, and then some risk for some others if seeking time right around July 4.

Deb & Bill

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Mar 20, 2000
It's too damned hot to go in the summer. Heck, October can be too hot to go as well. Many Florida resident passes are blocked out for the summer. We sit in our AC'ed homes.


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May 28, 2019
From what I have seen, the “hardest” days in the summer can be July 3 and 4.
If I was ending a trip on July 4, I would book normally. A trip ending on the 4th might need a little advance.
Otherwise, 1BR in the summer should have lots of options, while some studios categories need some luck.



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