IOA's fireworks show and Xtreme Adventure?


Earning My Ears
Jan 23, 2001
Is it on everyday during the easter week or only select days? Can someone tell me about it? Thanks!
Fireworks and the Xtreme Xventure show are usually shown during the summer and during Christmas week. CoasterFEV reports it will be back in April.

The fireworks show is pretty neat. You get your fireworks and effects on the IOA lagoon, like fire and sparkler effects. The Xtreme Xventure show has BMX tricks, skateboarders, and other performers. It's what you would see at a skate park.


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Yep! Yep! Yep!

Both Xtreme Xventure and Adventure to the Stars will be returning to Islands of Adventure during the VERY BUSY Easter season.

This is great news, even to us employees, as neither were around last year for Easter.

Both will be running for two weeks, starting on Palm Sunday weekend. Basically the week before Easter Sunday and the week after.

Also - as an added note, and you may even notice it in the USF webcam if it still works - I never look. Work is progressing on the USF Summer fireworks show. If you notice, ALL props from the old Stuntacular boat show are gone (including the jump/oil platform and moving the exploding tug over to the docks in New York.

There is now some scaffolding up just above water level and other work being done to create the new show debuting this Summer.

Oh, and yes, the two show will be daily at IOA during the Easter season
CoasterFev you stressed the VERY BUSY Easter weeks. How well do you think the new Universal Express pass system will work at such busy times? Surely if onsite guests are getting FOTL all day and the parks are busy then the wait time for Universal Express will be fairly long. Just a thought.

Disneyland Paris Halloween 1999 & Christmas 2000
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I don't see the issue of stand-by lines being a major issue when the parks get really busy. If anything, the stand-by lines have actually been a bit shorter.

Universal is currently dealing with the same challenges that Disney did when they introduced Fastpass. In that, with more guests using the virtual queue, rather than the "normal" queues, the streets are alot more crowded as people are waiting for their return times. Obviously, all those guests who would normally be waiting in line, are now shopping, eating, and wandering around the park. This makes the park seem more crowded than it actually is. Disneyland during this past Christmas is a great example of this phenomenon. Virtual queues can actually lower a park's physical capacity.

Look for ALOT more street entertainment to start popping up around the theme parks to help give our guests something to do while they are "waiting."

In terms of Spring Break:

The only thing we've seen so far is that, when the park gets busy, those Express tickets start running out FAST. Typically, the only attractions that DON'T run out of Express tickets are: Storm, Bluto's, Trike, Unicorn, and all of Seuss.

In my opinion, the 3 Express tickets to get first are: Hulk, Spiderman, and Poseidon. These 3 always seem to run out first (around 1pm)
Can you tell me where in the park will the skateboarding show be? And is it inside a building or outside?
thanks in advance :)

Assuming your Memorial Day Weekend is the 26th, will the fireworks and special entertainment be offered on Friday the 25th?

Xtreme Xventure is usually held in the Toon Lagoon Amptheatre.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

"If you were me, you'd be good looking."
Thanks for the info,
I have a 10 yr old that is a skateboard fanatic, even my 2 yr old likes to scoot around on one. This will be a great treat.



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