Intersting/informative talk with MS this morning


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Aug 18, 1999
I called to book a reservation and got Chatty Cathy for a CM. I frankly cannot remember her actual name because she never shut up. She was very friendly, but very confused and kept having trouble with the computer and I sort of had to walk her through what I wanted to do.

Among other things, she told me that she was recently transferred from a Finance Dept into DVC MS and downgraded 3 pay scales in order to keep her job. She told me they train the MS CMs for 5 weeks and she is still confused about the point system after all of that. And she told me that it is like working in a prison.

She said all of this in the friendliest manner and was giggling througout the converation so it wasn't like she was complaining. I just thought it was interesting and I'm sure she isn't supposed to be revealing that much about her job!
And she told me that it is like working in a prison.

This made me laugh (probably not what Chatty intended). I've worked in and managed large call centers and many of the reps would say this. It was particularly noticable when someone would transfer in from more "traditional" office work. Those folks had a hard time getting used to the discipline of taking calls and not being able to leave their position whenever the urge hit.

On the other hand, managers always told us that they LOVED to get someone into their office who had come from the call center - they told us those people really knew how to work!

Sorry to hear about people being laid off and demoted. Hope things improve soon. I've always had wonderful service from MS and think the reps do an exccellent job!
My my.......I wonder if they moniter calls for quality control....she sure said more than she should:) The MS person I talked to was brisk and curt but knew what she was doing!

That is so funny, because I just got out of "prison." I worked as a customer service rep at one of the top 3 telephone company's, I won't say which, and it is like working in a prison. My last day was yesterday (it was voluntary), but doing that type of work, I often wondered what it was like working for MS!!!!!! I thought it would be fun, maybe not!!!!:D :D :D :D
Queen Anne,

I am LOL-ing at your post. I too worked in one of those prisons, got too tired of saying I was sorry and switched to collections and I never had to say I was sorry! (not residential, couldn't handle that, not mean enough!)

Now, thankfully, I am a stay at home mom but my poor dh still works for one of those phone companies!

:bounce: :pinkbounc :smooth: :jester:

the above are courtesy of my daughter who just complained that I never use the "little guys"

Vivienne :D

In this economic environment, I would think ANY job would be better than none at all, even with a cut in pay.

And, trained for five weeks and still having so much confusion? I think I'm glad she's out of the finance department. I've worked as a nurse and you get thrown into a lot of situations without so much orientation, not that it's right but a lot of jobs require people to land on their feet and hit the ground running.

It really isn't keeping with the professionalism that I've come to expect from Disney...hopefully, maturity will develop as well.
It doesn't sound like she'll have to worry about it for long. I'm suspecting she'll be out on parole soon.
Originally posted by Dean
It doesn't sound like she'll have to worry about it for long. I'm suspecting she'll be out on parole soon.

I suspect it'll be more of a "work release" program than parole! ;)


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