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Sep 7, 1999
Hi folks,
With the increasing popularity of the DIS and the ever growing number of posters on these bulletin boards, it has become apparent that some folks may have either missed, or neglected to read, the guidelines for posting on this site. These guidelines are not unreasonable and have been put in place for the betterment of all and apply to everyone who posts. Please take a minute to read them and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail a webmaster.

"These guidelines apply to all boards operated on this web site.

The purpose of these boards is to give the fans and visitors of Walt Disney World an opportunity to share their experiences with one another. This is to be a fun and enjoyable exchange. The boards are open to anyone who happens to find their way here.

There are a few limits on what may be posted. They are listed below:

1. FOR SALE posts: For sale ads are strictly prohibited on any of the D.I.S. boards. Anyone posting such ads will have their posts deleted.

2. NO PROFANITY: Profanity has no place on these boards. The boards are equipped with censoring software and will not permit messages containing inappropriate language to be posted.

3. NO FIGHTING: Several Internet news groups are marred by the actions of a few selfish people who turn an otherwise positive forum into a soap box for their anger issues. Internet newsgroups are not moderated, and therefore, anything goes. These boards are moderated in an effort to keep the discussions appropriate to the topic at hand. Those who feel they can not abide by these rules are welcome to read the posts on the board, and respond via email to the person who posted the message. Messages that are argumentative or sarcastic in nature will be deleted without discussion.

4. NO PERSONAL MESSAGES: These boards are not for exchanging personal messages with friends. For that, we suggest you use email. These boards require an email address be entered prior to posting. If you have a personal comment for that person, please direct it to them via email. If the use of the boards for personal messages continues, those messages will be deleted. Remember, if the message is not intended for EVERYONE, it does not belong on the boards!

5. ADVERTISING: The only commercial advertising permitted on these boards, are those that are contracted through the site. Any posts that are deemed as advertising for a commercial interest will be deleted.

6. STAYING ON TOPIC: The boards are named to reflect general topics. Please refrain from asking questions about park hours on the DVC board, or questions about the Caribbean Beach on the Trip Reports board.

7. MODERATORS: For each forum on the DIS, a moderator(s) has been chosen to oversee a particular board. Moderators have the authority to delete or edit posts as needed, based on these guidelines. Moderators act with the full authority of the webmaster, and their decisions on all matters are final.

8. LINKS TO OTHER SITES: You are free to post a link to your web site on our discussion boards, provided that a) you are not offering a commercial service or for profit venture, b) you do not repeatedly and excessively post the same link over and over again on the forums within our site, and c) that you place a link back to the DIS (http://www.disneyinfo.com) on your site in an area easily found. From time to time you might wish to post links to other sites that contain information not found here on the DIS. While we encourage this, we ask that you please make sure the information is not already contained on our site (remember, the boards make up only 10% of our site).

9. DISCOUNT CODES: From time to time, Disney will send postcards via US Mail to select groups offering special deals. These codes are not intended for the general public, rather they are marketed to specific areas of the country. Under no circumstances can discount codes that are printed on these postcards be posted on our boards. Any such posts will be deleted immediately. We feel that if this is overly abused on the Internet, that Disney will eventually stop offering these discounts all together, in which case, everyone loses.

We do not believe in censorship, and open discussions about various issues is encouraged. We ask that everyone conduct himself or herself with respect when speaking to other people. It is okay to disagree, as long as the discussion remains respectful of the feelings of others. Once a discussion begins to step over that line, the post in question will be deleted. In extreme cases, individuals who are not able to conduct themselves as responsible group members will be asked not to return.

If you have questions or issues regarding this, please feel free to direct them to the webmaster at webmaster@wdwinfo.com"

Thanks for your co-operation!

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