I'm in love with GC! (Part 3 of 5...LONG)

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    Day 3: Wednesday, October 10, 2001

    This was not an early entry day, so we took our time getting up. We had a bite to eat at Whitewater Snacks. We each had a fruit/cheese pocket (basically a danish) ($2.25), a large soda ($2.19), and a large coffee ($2.19). The prices here seem to be pretty reasonable by comparison. Our total was $9.54.

    We headed off to DCA through the GC entrance, which is great, and we used numerous times. We went on California Screamin' first, which was great, then the Maliboomer. At first I was afraid, but once we took off, I was fine. The one ride I found most scary (don't laugh) was Mulholland Madness! I felt like we were going to fly off the track!! We saw the Golden Dreams show, which I thought was pretty good. Then we went on Grizzly River Rapids, which was fun. We didn't get as wet as some other people we saw walking around the parks! We finished all that by Noon, then headed to the DD monorail station to go to Disneyland. As many times as I've been to DL, I've never been on the monorail!

    We went back to the Christmas store in New Orleans square to exchange a postcard that got squished during package delivery. We rode Indy at the spur-of-the-moment since the line was short, less than 10 minutes. We picked up our photos that we took in front of the castle yesterday. It was $12.95 for the first one, $8.00 for the second (two different photos). We did more shopping at the Emporium.

    Note: the Disney Club card came in extremely handy for us, particularly with shopping. We tried to "save" our shopping for one location at a time because there is a 10% discount for purchases over $50. This includes resort shops as well.

    We went to Naples in DD for lunch, which was excellent! They have a great flavored iced tea ($3.50). I had a side salad ($6.75) which Aaron and I shared. It was mixed baby greens with a nice vinaigarette dressing. Aaron had the pizza Capriciossa which had prosciutto, roasted red peppers, marinated olives, and artichokes ($13.95), and was quite big. He ended up taking half of it back to the room. I had the lasagna which was SO good!!! ($12.50). It had pieces of pork (or beef, hard to tell), not ground, but actually pieces. Also a generous portion, but I ate almost all of it since it was so good! Total without tip, $43.22. The waiter let me keep the menu when I asked.

    The day before we had signed up for the hotel tour today at GC, it's called the Arts of the Crafts Tour, which is at 2:30 p.m. every day, and lasts about an hour. We had an excellent guide, I think her name was Janet. She showed us so many details all over the hotel, and she even discussed hidden Mickey's. We covered the lobby, courtyards, Storyteller's Cafe, and she even took us into Napa Rose which is actually closed during that time. Then she took us up to the 3rd floor to discuss some of the features in the halls, carpets, elevators, and looked over into the Great Hall (lobby area). This was a great tour, and I recommend it highly. Although it is obvious that there is great detail all over the hotel, the tour goes even more in-depth.

    We rested for a while then headed to DCA to do Soaring, and get pressed pennies. We earlier picked up a pressed penny list from the Main Street Penny Arcade in DL. We walked over the the Paradise Pier Hotel for coins and to pick up a souvenir of the hotel.

    We were looking for a place to eat in DD. We were looking at the menu at Y Arriba Y Arriba, and the hostess was talking to us about the food and entertainment. We were convinced, and were not disappointed. We had a great waiter, who was the bartending manager. (He was cute too, even my boyfriend thought he was good looking!) He suggested 2-3 tapas was a good amount of food to share. We ordered the Churrasco ($10.95) which was a perfectly cooked steak in a nice sauce, with marinated tomatoes, very tasty!, the Entremeses ($9.95), which could be described as an antipasto platter with 2-3 slices of prosciutto, a few pieces of a pepperoni-like sausage, 3 slices of marinated whitefish anchovy, 3-4 pieces of goat cheese, a bunch of marinated olives, and something like cold scalloped potatoes with melted cheese on top. Again, very good. I didn't care much for the anchovies though (I normally like them), I think because they were marinated. We shared a side salad ($5.95) of baby mixed greens with tomatoes and vinaigarette, and a side order of Totopos ($4.95) which was VERY fresh torilla chips with guacamole and salsa. Total without tip, $38.38.

    We shopped at the World of Disney and Basin store, then went back to the room where I soaked in the tub for a while before going to bed. A nice ending to a nice day.
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    Thanks for the info on Y Arriba, we are hoping to try it out this weekend, sounded good!


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