I'm from PA -Where do I find the special codes for PA that I'm reading about?


Feb 19, 2001
I keep seeing a lot of posts about people from PA getting special rate codes. Where do I find these codes and what are they for? Please let me know. I am from PA and my family of five plus two grandparents(also from PA ) and two GREAT grandparents (Florida residents) will be going in November. Thanks for any help!
try here i just got a code for VA from this site but they have lots of codes i had 2 others ready just in case they didn't have and left for the VA code. My room for May went from $110.00 at ASM to $89.00 at CBR hope this helps.
I got the $89 rate at DXL for september as a pa resident using the code on mary waring's site.
I believe it may be only for september and october--any chance you can go earlier?
I was just looking around and found this i hope this will help out
ONLY for Alabama, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio & Florida residents (must show proof of residency at check-in): ask for Code *** to get a standard room at Moderate resorts for $89 between 4/22/01 and 5/23/01 and between 8/9/01 and 10/3/01. Reportedly this code has also been used to get a standard room at the Yacht Club for $169, the Polynesian for $179, and the Grand Floridian for $199 (also worked for concierge level at higher rate) in mid July-early August 2001.This code was reportedly published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Thanks to Gina for the info.

Edited to remove code. Postings of specific codes are not permitted on the DIS .

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