I opened Disneyland today! Plus a bit of a crowd/ trip report

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by BelleBway, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. BelleBway

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    Dec 7, 2008
    Omg I still can't believe that I was selected to lead the countdown to open the parks today 12/26! If anyone was there for magic morning, I was the one who was practically jumping up and down :rotfl:

    Also a word to the wise for anyone planning to go this week: get there EARLY! It can't be emphasized enough. If you are onsite, drag yourself out of bed for magic morning no matter how much you want to stay in bed.

    From 7am to 10am, I was able to do the following, plus take an extended break to check in online for my flight tomorrow:

    Peter Pan
    Matterhorn (stayed on 2x without getting off because there was no line)
    Space Mountain (also stayed on 2x, no line)
    Nemo submarine (walked right on)
    Small World Holiday (had a boat to myself)
    Haunted Mansion Holiday (yay, it was open! It's been down a lot)
    Splash Mountain (another twice in a row without getting off; 2nd time had a log to myself!)
    Big Thunder Mountain (10 min wait... which seemed long since I'd been spoiled by a total lack of lines before then, lol)

    And now I am back in my hotel room chilling out while the parks are probably crazy with lines.

    I'd had some really really bad luck with rides being down the past few days- I don't know whether to attribute that to Disney being cheap with preventive maintenance or just bum luck. It took me 4 tries to actually find a ride that was open on Sat. am: Indy and HM were down, and then BTMRR broke down while I was in line.

    Also they are totally out of fudge which bummed me out since I'd loved the peppermint fudge last year and I wanted to bring some home for my nieces :(

    But overall, having an awesome time!
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    Jan 17, 2010
    How exciting for you to be able to countdown! We only drag ourselves out of bed for MM's once or twice a trip at most, so its a good thing we go in low-season!

    It sounds like just bad luck. On our 'take it easy day' this last trip, my friend and I went into the park to grab a couple of fastpasses for later in the day not really planning on riding anything. It was drizzling, so lines were really short so we decided to try anyways to ride a few things. We walked up to four different rides in a row that shut down either while we were walking up to the line or while we were in line ... I think they were Space Mountain, monorail, Matterhorn, and BTMR? My friend said after that, "Well should we go back to the room or go shut down some more rides ...? " :rotfl: It happens sometimes.
  3. emmysmommy

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    Jan 30, 2010
    How exciting for you!! I wasn't there at park open but around 10am it was crazy in New Orleans Square area. I feel bad for people with strollers and scooters - there was gridlock!
  4. rentayenta

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    :woohoo: That's very cool!
  5. Nox54

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    Aug 22, 2011
    Very cool! Congrats!

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