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    PLease help me get this accomplished.

    Laura, a 10yo dd of a friend will be going on a wish trip to WDW 1/4-1/14. This trip was to be her celebration trip for a sucessfully two year battle against a brain tumor that has also left her blind. Since she was diagnosed I have always told her Mom we would plan the trip of a lifetime when all was better for July, 2004. Her tumor is now back with a vengence and her Wish trip has been bumped up to this January which will tell you how serious it is. Her Mother has asked me to plan this trip because frankly her family has no time. The "wish Grantors" are only able to do so much BUT I WANT MORE FOR THIS CHILD!!

    Since Laura is blind and tires very easily I need to really plan for her to get the most bang for her buck. This also takes away some of the spontinuity (SP) but I don't see any other way. These are the things I would like to see her participate in however have no way of setting up. I need help from someone inside WDW management.

    !. Open the Magic Kingdom.

    2. Grand Marshall at the Parades.

    3. Open toontown with Mickey.

    4. Some encounter with the princess, Since she is blind truely only encounters with the face characters will have much meaning. I have the Epcot Storeybook breakfast booked. I nor her wish grantors could get Cindys, THANKS WDW DINING FOR YOUR HELP!!

    5. Anything anyone else can think of! I am open to ANY suggestions!!!

    I am thinking of writting everyone on Barons list and see what happens. Anyone have any ideas to help get this done. I feel ielpless right now. Many of you seem "in the know" please help.


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    Make sure to stop by guest relations when they get there with documentation of illness and ask for a guest services pass. There are passes for different things but allow different entry restrictions. If she is very sick, then they my issue a no wait pass. As a cast member at test track, I have seen many that allow instant access usually with terminal patients, severe cancer patients, and others whose situation is extreamly severe. These are the same poasses they give to give kids the world and make a wish foundation.

    Cast members are carefull to give special attention to people with these passes as we understand what they represent.

    I hope this helps and if theres anywhey I can help, please pm me.

    Good luck with everything and I hope everything workes out.

    Sending PIXIE DUST to the entire family and especialy to her.

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