I just received my tix from Ticketmania.com...


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Aug 18, 1999
thanks for the info. I ordered them at the beginning of last weekend I ordered them. They arrived today, with at TON of coupons, pamphlets, orlando guidebooks and the IOA & US park stuff.

I am very pleased with this service. Thanks for posting it!


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Aug 20, 1999


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Apr 11, 2000
I received my tickets about 3 weeks ago and just received a flyer on universal and the tickets. Sounds like you hit the jackpot, Good LUck


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Sep 19, 1999
I got my stuff from them today and hit the jackppot also....the envelope was so big it barely fit into our maibox

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Jun 26, 2000
I was a little nervous ordering from ticketmania since I never heard of them before, but everything I read on the message boards were so positive. I ordered our tickets for our Spring break trip on Saturday, and the tickets plus other brochures on Orlando arrived on Wednesday. Thanks to all for this tip! :cool:


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Jul 13, 2000
Thanks to this message board, I've learned so much info and so many interesting, money saving things.

I just bought our IOA passes at www.ticketmania.com thanks to you guys and this post. Now I have one less thing to worry about and I saved money too.

They are offering free shipping for awhile which is another added bonus.

Thanks again! :) ;) :)


Jan 16, 2001
I also received my tix, only took 4 days! ( they were 3 day passes but NOTHING on the back about the city walk,,,hmmmmm)
anyway,, I only got 2 pieces of extra stuff, and after reading on here that some have gotten LOTS of extra stuff I decided to call them. the person who I spoke to said that if you order off the website and put in a date you need them by in the next couple weeks, they send you out the "SMALL" envelope so they make sure it gets to you fast enough. sooo I asked if they could still send my the "bigger" envelope that others have gotten,, yea, sure,, soo they said we will send you the "medium envelope" thank you. NOW, I didn't think about this till after the phone call, but she said "medium". hmm, If any of you call back for this ,, find out IF there is a "large" envelope???
& their answereing machine kept picking up when I called yesterday, so I finally just left a message, they called back this morning, so I guess they are plenty busy over there, ( nice to know they return calls on saturday


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Oct 4, 2000
Muffyn they were doing their best to ensure you got the tickets in a timely fashion. The envelope is medium-sized and comes in a UPS Priority Mail envelope. They are so customer-oriented that I am sure you will receive the additional brochures. We received ours in a matter of days. However most of the coupons are for attractions outside of UA or Disney. Since we are spending our time on-site we probably won't use many of them. But it is the service and the additoonal information which was very impressive.

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