I have a JOHN Q question...does anyone remember...


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Aug 25, 1999
what the number was on the bus that he got off of near the hospital. I know it was a "Chicago" story and they used the Chicago bus system numbers and I know the system very well. My dd and I are having a disagreement about the number that was shown on that but. We were talking about where most of the film was shot (and no, it was not mostly filmed in Chicago) and that the bus really didn't look like a Chicago bus but they used the Chicago bus system to make it look like it was really in Chicago. I say the bus number was 29 (which is the actual bus route number for State Street) and she says it's 26.

Can anyone help me out on this one???!!!! I know - it's a dumb question and we just got done watching the movie (DVD which is harder to go back to find a scene than VHS) and I just have to find this out....you see - I NEVER GET TO ACTUALLY BE RIGHT IN MY HOUSEHOLD AND ON THIS ONE I <B>KNOW</B> I'M RIGHT!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
Chris, checking back/forward on a DVD is actually easier and faster, imo. Go to main menu and, select a scene that's closest to beginning the Bus Scene.

And, if that fails, I AGREE WITH YOU!! (Moms have to be right and, we MUST stick together!) ;)

I saw the movie but, I have NO clue! :eek:


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