I Got the $89 Moderate Rate for August!!!


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Feb 16, 2000
Today on my lunch hour...I called the 407-WDISNEY line and got a very nice CM. I started out by asking for 3 nights at CBR beginning August 9th. She quoted me a price of $182 per night, which included tax and the extra adult in our party. I thanked her and told her this was the price I had been originally quoted, but I had read about a discounted rate of $89 per night at the moderates - using a code of cbf. She said that she would be glad to check...and asked me what state I lived in - and I told her Indiana. She came back and said my one night's deposit would now be $115.44. I was so excited and I thanked her over and over!!! I asked if there were any stipulations and she said "NOPE", just show up and pay for your room. My deposit is due in 14 days and I can cancel up to 5 days prior to arrival.
This ended up saving me $199.80. Not too bad for a five minute phone call!!!
:D :D :D

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I just got it too!! We already had reservations for $109/night for 7 nights but thought I would call and see if I could get this rate. She couldn't find it at first but after giving her some codes she was able to give us the same dates for $89. Saved over $140.

Thanks everyone for all the info that allowed us to get this rate.



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