I feel so bad for my DH...


A Disboards original...
Aug 20, 1999
and anyone and everyone else who has to work outdoors in this weather.

He's just home from work now and sounds so drained. Poor guy!

Well, at least, it's only a month or so to go of summer weather.
Me too! Im thinking of DH directing traffic in this heat!
I dont usually mind the heat but this is brutally hot!
My DH works a swing shift and he is currently on seconds. He says where he works they are about to roast!!!!
Me too! I am so glad DH is in an office full time now. Last summer he suffered from heat exhaustion. Stupid Florida weather :(
Groosch I really respect folks that can/have to endure that!
Make sure he stays hydrated JJ!! I go out and werk up a sweat out thar everyday too....but, ...not 'cause I have to...I'm jurst an idgit! ;)

good idea to get a couple bananna's inter him too for the potassium! :)
You're a stitch, GP.

I loved that post you did last week on the thread with the picture of a cat licking a rate. You go, "that cat is checking him fer seasonings." LOL! That was funny!
Oh gosh! I feel so bad for them too! All of the construction workers, roofers, painters etc. :(

I also feel for all of the teachers and students across the country who have 30 sweaty kids crammed into a classroom and the only form of air in the room are a couple of circulating fans. ACK!
my boyfriend welds outside in the sun...all year long. so he gets in the summer and then the freezing cold of the winter! i take him cold drinks in the summer and hot chocolate/coffee in the winter.
Oh, yeah, I feel for your DH and mine, Janice.

Mine left out of here this morning and I just felt so bad. Since he often works on the roof of the White House, I just knew that today would be miserable. In particular since he has to wear these big heavy boots and can't exactly dress up in shorts and cool clothing. :(

I don't know how these guys (and women too) who work outside do it. I don't dislike the heat, but I think I would if I had to work out in it.
Hey - it's even hot out here. It's our 5th day of 100 degree weather. Sure it's very low humidity, but it's still HOT! (at least it cools down at night.)
So yes - hoping all those outdoor workers get some relief soon!
Indeed, it's still so very hot today. YIKES!
Snoopy, that's a whole other problem--my DH has to wear a lot of "protective gear" at work.

No matter how hot it is, he must wear long, heavy pants (no shorts), steel-toed work boots, a hard hat, safety goggles and gloves.

Such a tough way to make a living, but it's what he chose. He doesn't want to work in an office.
that's rough, janice. have him drink lots of water during the day and then he can pop a cold one when he gets home and relax. :)
My coworker's DH is a roofer! Can you imagine being on a roof, no shade, all sun , hot tar, etc??

I feel bad for anyone in this heat!
My dh is outside tilling one of our gardens out back (it's his day off, lol) It's so dry that you can see billows of dust being thrown up in the air. He's gotta be so hot and dirty and tired right now.


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