I can't believe I forgot to call at 180 days out !


DIS Veteran
Feb 7, 2006
I've been waiting for it for months and then yesterday I totally forgot to call.

I just did it now and thankfully I got all the places I wanted except Donald's since it's moving they are not taking ADR's for it for Dec and the new place isn't taking them yet. So I went with Chef Mickey's for Breakfast.

I had to take 2 tables for our party of 6 at LeCellier on the 24th @ 6:10 otherwise I couldn't get us in until after 8pm.

She noted to me that Coral Reef and Le Cellier ADR's did not include the Candlelight Service. She said that could be booked July 2nd.

So I will call back and change one of my ADR's to include that later.
I've also found that the restaurants do a great job of gettting your party together - lots of tables at Lecellier will hold a party of 6 - so dont worry, it will be great!!

I'm hoping I can get a different time at 90 days out...


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