How to make camping bearable for someone who hates it?

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by worm761, May 2, 2013.

  1. worm761

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    Feb 4, 2001
    I hate camping. My parents used to take us camping as kids. Sometimes in a cabin. Sometimes an RV. Sometimes in a tent. I hated it. Still hate it. I read it here once and it sums it up perfectly: The value resorts is as close to camping as I get. ;)

    My husband likes camping. Specifically tent camping. We tried once. It rained the whole time. Miserable experience. I want to go to some caverns here in Florida and they have a campground. I was thinking of asking DH if he would like to camp for the weekend. I am not sure though.

    If I decide to bring this up, how do I make it bearable for me? And before anyone asks, I pretty much dislike the whole experience. I don't like sleeping in a tent, cooking on a fire, etc. This place does have showers and a bathroom though.
  2. RitaE

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    May 29, 2008
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  4. Gumbo4x4

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    Jan 19, 2012
    Find a place that will rent you a hard side camper and set it up at the campground for you. In the end, a hotel would be cheaper, but it gives you some of the experience while still giving you a dry place to sleep.
  5. EMom

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    Jul 2, 2007
    I don't know what to tell you. My family camped when I was young and I hated it. I always say that's why God invented people like me would not have to camp.
  6. jrmasm

    jrmasm Last time I checked, it was still

    May 20, 2000
    Don't go. :eek:
  7. jen0610

    jen0610 DIS Veteran

    Jul 22, 2005
    What was it about sleeping in a tent that you didn't like? I know my one friend always thought that sleeping in a tent ment throwing sleeping bags on the floor of the tent to sleep in and that made her shudder. When using cots or air mattress were mentioned, she perked up. She liked either idea.

    Cooking everything over a fire didn't float her boat either. They now have a very nice propane stove that she does quite a bit of cooking on. They also have this portable girll/griddle thing, that she loves. She'll make french toast on it in the morning, make grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch using the griddle, then for dinner she'll use the grill option and make grilled veggies on it. The meat, her DH will grill over the fire, but the more delicate stuff she does on her grill.
  8. Hoodie

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    Jun 3, 2008
    I have no suggestions, but I could have written this myself. I recently started thinking that we should invest in a camper of some sort since we travel a lot and it would make sense financially, but I cringe just thinking about it.

    Just like you, my parents brought us camping every year. I didn't mind it when I was little but I also didn't scream "let's go camping!" As I got older, the less I liked it. Just the thought makes me shudder. And tent camping is 100% out of the question. I'm impressed you even gave it consideration!
  9. ckay87

    ckay87 demented and sad...but social

    May 1, 2001
    I'm working on the assumption that you're going for tent camping based on your post. Obviously an RV or cabin would be better for you, but if you're doing the tent, use air mattresses, world of difference. In fact, I prefer to use TWO separate ones for DH and I. Sleeping w/someone else on an air mattress is SO annoying to me - every time they move, your side bounces around also!

    Something else that is so helpful is getting one of those EZ-up shelters. If it rains, or just in general, you have a shelter other than your tent

    Also, be sure to get a site with electricity. That really opens up your options. Get string lights for your EZ-Up shelter.

    Get comfy camp chairs, maybe a hammock. Little side table for your campfire goodies.

    You should be able to take a full, nice shower at a decent campground. Really, there are few comforts you should be doing without, if that's the way you want to do it. Only difference is that you're outside.
  10. clutter

    clutter DIS Veteran

    Apr 29, 2001
    My poor dd likes to camp, but she will never go with me.

    Why do I hate it? I don't like waking up feeling wet from the dew all over the place. Give me heat or an air conditioner that drains condensation. :rotfl2: Plus, I am always always sore from the drafts. I need my shower, and I'm not talking a dorm-style one. And then there's the food. ::yes:: I don't really like having to cook dinner every night. Weekends, the meals are even worse. So the whole thought of having to cook without my kitchen, especially without my kitchen sink? :headache: I love nature, I love outdoors. I love having a lodge to stay in over night, preferably with a restaurant. ::yes:: (even counter style, lol.)
  11. scoutie

    scoutie DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2012
    I hate camping too. If I was forced to go, I would rent a cabin. If that wasn't an option, I would make sure I had a huge airbed to sleep on.
  12. mombrontrent

    mombrontrent DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2008
    I HATE HATE HATE camping. Can't say it enough. I went a couple times as a kid but didn't enjoy it. Neither did my mother so my dad and brother would go every summer by themselves. I went a couple times as a teenager with a group of friends but we just went to have huge parties so I didn't mind it as much then.

    My DH dragged me camping one weekend when my son was 2 and I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. It was miserable and I couldn't wait to go home. Then he dragged me once again when my son was 5 and my DD was 3. The entire campground was swarmed with bees/wasps and I am allergic so I was freaked out the entire time. We stayed the one night and I made him pack up first thing in the morning and go home.

    I'll never go again, I hate the dirt, food, really just the whole experience it just horrible to me. Plus being the mom I get stuck doing all the packing, unpacking, and camp chores. Really not fun at all.
  13. scdak

    scdak DIS Veteran

    May 1, 2010
    Camping = misery to me, not my cup of tea by any means, but that being said, if my SO liked it, I would be willing to suck it up for a few days and then go to a nice hotel for a few days, that to me would make it a nice vacation :thumbsup2
  14. design_mom

    design_mom probably more like my dad than I care to admit

    Feb 1, 2007
    I don't mind RV or cabin "camping" too much. My family had a camping trailer when I was younger and we got to go a lot of places that we probably wouldn't have gone if we couldn't camp.

    But I did my first stint of tent-camping with the cub scouts and I'm not a fan. We basically just had a tent (no cots, air mattresses, or any of the other niceties that hard-core campers have. Couldn't justify the $$$ for something we do so seldomly.) It was uncomfortable... and rainy. But my biggest issue was that I hate bugs and spiders. I was woken up in the middle of the night by another family heading toward the bathroom with a flashlight. Their flashlight shined on our tent and illuminated a giant spider crawling up the side. That was the last sleep I got that night. Sigh. And when we tore down the tent at the end of the weekend, a bunch of bugs/spiders scurried out from under it. Grossed me out!

    That said, I'd be able to suck it up for a day or two if my family enjoyed it and/or I got something out of it (like seeing the caverns you want to see). But I'm not sure I could endure a long camping-only trip in a tent!

    Good luck!
  15. Katy Belle

    Katy Belle DIS Veteran

    Jan 20, 2004
    I have 3 sons who are Boy Scouts. I hate to camp. Well, I hate the sleeping part. I like the day time part. A few things that make it more comfortable...
    *A huge tent. Tall enough to stand in and change your clothes. Large enough that you can set your chair up inside and read, by battery powered lantern, in the middle of the night when you are too miserable to sleep. Large enough that you don't touch the sides when you are sleeping.
    *Air mattress. We have individual thin, hiking, air mattresses. To me they are more comfortable than the big ones. Do you know any boy Scouts? You might be able to borrow one. Or two single thick air mattresses. Sharing a large one with your DH you will feel all the movement in the night.
    *If you hate to cook outside, have your DH do it! Or, ready made food...Subway sandwiches or even go out to eat.
    *A table, small folding table. Chairs.
    *Pony Tail
    *Face clothes. Hand wipes. Kleenax.

    Your DH will appreciate your effort!
  16. lovemygoofy

    lovemygoofy DIS Veteran

    Jun 9, 2004
    We are in rather lengthy negoation at our house over camping at the Grand Canyon. In late May/early the desert...camping...yes it's lengthy negoation going on that would make Donald Trump proud.

    Here is my thing if we were meant to sleep on the ground, I wouldn't have a bed that I have to jump to get on or perfectly good hotel rooms. How can I stimulate the economy by having to cook on campfire and not tip housekeeping?!

    Soooo if you are thinking of the camping or aka giving in make sure you have a tent that has an enclosed bottom. It makes me feel that the bugs(did I mention I dislike bugs) can't quite get in while I'm sleeping(like I'm really going to be sleeping when I'm outside in the desert in June) and put down a mattress pad/sleeping bag first and then an air mattress if you are going to use an air mattress. Bring a travel pillow with a zipcover pillowcase (again I HATE bugs and always think they are everywhere when I'm outside) Maybe bring a star/night sky book to look for the seasonal stars/constellations when it becomes night time for some fun educational time.(or just drink until sleepy)

    Pinterest has some easy campfire cooking ways, not that I care because I'm going to be going out for food unless it's smores...I can be on board starting fire for smores. Good luck to us both:confused3
  17. LisaR

    LisaR <img src=>

    Sep 26, 2000
    I wouldn't do it. I am with you, I hate camping with a passion, but I have considered it in the past since my poor, deprived children have never had the "pleasure" of camping. ;) After talking to many people, some who love camping, I have discovered, as some have posted, it is much more bearable if you have all the right equipment. No way was I going to invest that much money in all the proper equipment for one weekend of our lives never to use the stuff again. I will "rough it" in a Holiday Inn, which is as close to camping as I will ever get.
  18. corgi_monster

    corgi_monster DIS Veteran

    Jun 10, 2007
    Have your husband set up the tent, cook the food, do all the cleaning, packing, setting up the airbed, etc. while you relax with a good book?

    Okay, I admit, that's not very nice or helpful.

    But seriously, maybe you can treat yourself to a little luxury item that you could use at camp. Luxury sheet set for the air mattress, high end toiletries, a nice jacket or swimsuit? At least you'll look forward to using these little niceties instead of thinking about how uncomfortable you are.
  19. Uncle Remus

    Uncle Remus Raconteur / can't name 'em Jeb

    Jul 23, 2006
    Thank goodness the only compromise I would make with my wife is to stay at AKL rather than my favorite BCV because we both hate camping. :lmao:

    Good luck, OP, I think it's nice you're even considering it. :goodvibes
  20. BlueStarryHat

    BlueStarryHat DIS Veteran

    Apr 23, 2013
    You would need a bed, some electricity, running water, and maid service. Oh wait, that's a hotel. ;)

    I went camping once and that was one time too many. Bugs, frizzy hair, nowhere to shower or freshen up except a cold creek, and a boyfriend who kept insisting, "isn't this romantic?" Yeah, crapping in a hole. Romantic. No wonder we broke up.
  21. TinkerBelled

    TinkerBelled DIS Veteran

    Jun 20, 2011

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