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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Madi100, Aug 24, 2003.

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    A little background. We are going to WDW In January. Staying for 6 nights. We will arrive at WDW around 4 p.m. and leave around noon or 1. There are 4 adults and two children. We are staying at the All Star Movies and were planning on getting 5 day park hoppers.

    When I called to get information on the package, I believe it was going to be about $600 more expensive. OK, stupid to book the package, when we like to SAVE money. I had read somewhere, and then again at mousesavers that if you are not going to use the UPH's the first or last day (we would not, and that is where is was getting expensive) that you should break your stay up. So, this is what we did. I called and made a room only reservation for the first night. The second through the fifth night are booked through the package. The last night is again room only. So, we only are paying for UPH for five days. That is what we had wanted for park hoppers. UPH are more expensive than PH's, but with what we are saving on our room, we ended up paying about $100 LESS with the package than what we'd be paying for to do it seperately.

    Now I know that $100 isn't much, but to me it's $100 that I can spend elsewhere. Plus, now we can go to Disney Quest (maybe),
    the water parks, and Pleasure Island. We were planning on going to Pleasure Island at least one night ($20) a person. Now we can go more and not have to pay seperately. Plus, you receive "freebies". One of them is Leave A Legacy. This was something I was planning on doing anyway. So, another $38 saved. Another "freebie" is a $25 GC to Planet Hollywood. There is supper for a night. It will be interesting to see if we notice a difference with the UPH over the PH's.

    Anyway, if the package is something you think you'd like, but won't be going into the park the first or last day, break it up. I do realize that we will have to check in and out of our hotel a few times. I also realize there is a chance that we may have to move rooms. However, I've been told this usually doesn't happen.
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    I think if you tell them it's a 'continuing reservation', you will be less likely to have to move rooms, especially in January...

    Have fun!!

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