How Far is Sams or Costco from WDW


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Sep 4, 1999
We need to make a run to buy snacks for a group of about 50 teenagers/young adults for several days. I have memberships at Sams, Bj's and Costco, and am wondering which of these is the closest to WDW and/or nicest. Will be driving from OKW and could use some directions if anyone has. Thanks.

I've not been to the Sam's Clubs there, but if you click onto the Sam's web site, there is a locator that even includes maps. Sorry I can't help you more but I hope this gives you a place to start.
We stayed on International Drive for 3 days last year and ran to Walmart and Sam's twice (we went to the one on S.Orange Blossom). It was only about 5 to 7 miles from where we were staying on International Drive. From Disney it should be about 11 to 14 miles. We saved alot of money on bottled water and snacks! :D :D :D

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Go to COSTCO'S website, they moved a few years ago, they are basically off 192 but you can print a map.COSTCO

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There is both a Costco and a SAMs on Orange Blossom Trail. Take the 417 (Greenway) to OBT and head north and you will see them. Costco is first and and then about a mile further up the road is SAMs. Both are on the left hand side. SAMs has longer hours than Costco.


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