How do you adjust to the time change?


Earning My Ears
Sep 6, 2000
My family of 5 will be in WDW June 16-21 for the first time. We have 3 children ages 4,6 & 9 and we are flying from California which is a 3 hour time change for us. My question is how do you help your children adjust to the time change? If we have to be at the park by 7-8am that is 4-5am our time not counting time to get ready and eat breakfast. We will be going half asleep. The evenings will be easy, we will beable to stay until closing with out any problems, its the mornings I'm worried about. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
We visit DisneyWorld every year from California. What we do is basically stay on PDT time. We get to the parks in the late morning stay late at night. We usaully eat all of our meals at off times and we don't have problems with crowds.
We've made several trips with our son, now 3 years old..or almost. We just stayed on our time. Most of our trips were about 9 or 10 days so toward the end of the trip we would try an early entry into MK. That worked okay. We got lots of strange looks from people who didn't think our son should be up at midnight. So be prepared.

One time someone said something and my husband very politely, and matter of factly said..."not that it is any of your business but we are running on Pacific time and it is only 9:30 at home." She didn't say anything else.

It would be hard to "adjust" them, especially right away...but we found later in the trip he did start to adjust himself. Hope this helps.
Since we go for extended periods (my parents are in Florida), we have to adjust our bodies. Red-eye flights help a lot, because all my kids will sleep on the plane, so I'm the only zombie!

We plan a slow day for the first day after landing, so everyone can adjust.



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