How DARE I Take This Picture!! *cat post*


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Dec 14, 2000
Here is my latest picture of Mystic:


She looked SO cute while she was taking a nap but I woke her up with the flash. :( That's OK, she got even by jumping on my stomach at 2:30AM the next morning...:p

I wish I had taken a picture of Diamond today. One of them had knocked the fake tree over into the "cat" chair and Diamond looked like she was in the jungle asleep.

Mystic is beautiful...I've always wanted a solid black cat!
awwwwww....I love pretty kitty pics!! Thanks for sharing!!
What a pretty cat. thanks for sharing.
Very pretty cat!!! I have many pictures of my babies like that... just woken up... I personally think the ones like that are so cute :teeth:
I understand "cat speak" and I do believe she's calling you a name at this moment... :p meeeeOWW!

I have two beautiful black cats and I just love them!
WOW!!!! Very sleek and sassy!;) She's beautiful!:p
What a pretty kitty!! We have a black/white kitty. My mom kept the all black one. Thanks for sharing!
very cute. we are a total "cat family" too. One of DD's (age 1) first words was "meeeeee-owwwwwww":)


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