How cool is this?!


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Aug 19, 1999
Ok, I'm sitting at my kitchen table right now, eating oatmeal, DISing, and watching tv all at the same time! :D

I'm on my dad's laptop which is plugged into an outlet, and plugged into this new internet surfboard thing. Its wireless!

hee hee! i just had to share that! :D

I just saw that car commercial where the narrator talking ends up in the back seat. I love that commercial!
Then I saw this 'Jojo wants to go back to Uganda' for Earthlink. I didn't get it.

Next week's 7th Heaven previews look funny! :D

haha very cool Kiki!! I didn't see the previews of next week's 7th Heaven, but I thought tonight's was so funny... like Ruthie with her dad... lol- you just have to love that show!!


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