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May 5, 2004

Set on the banks of the Rio Grande River the Hotel Santa Fe is designed to represent the arid landscape of the American South West.
Click on this link for a virtual tour of the exterior of the hotel.
As you approach the hotel it looks as if you are about to enter a drive-in movie theatre showing an old Clint Eastwood Western.

The hotel consists of the main building housing reception
Click on this link for a virtual tour of the lobby area.
as well as the La Cantina restaurant, the Rio Grande bar, a lounge with a huge copper covered wood burning fireplace, the Pow Wow games arcade (extra cost), a children’s play area with activities on certain days and a shop. One of the famous Disney characters makes a personal appearance every morning in the lounge area for photos and autographs. At reception you can also book meals and shows, exchange currency and use the safety deposit boxes. You can park right outside your room.

Surrounding the main building are 49 “pueblos “ built in traditional New Mexico adobe style.


The hotel offers the most affordable accommodation on site. It has 1000 bright and colourful Mexican themed guest rooms (non-smoking rooms and rooms with wheelchair access are available) which can accommodate up to four people in two double beds.

Bunk beds are available in some rooms and cots are available on request. The cheerful decoration includes bright Navajo Indian style geometric patterns on the mirror frame and bed spreads.

Click on this link for a virtual tour of a bedroom
All rooms have a telephone, radio (including Disney fairytales) and television with international channels and, of course, the Disney channel. If you use the telephone to give you an alarm call Mickey himself will wake you up!! Tea and coffee making facilities are available at an extra cost. The en-suite bathrooms all include bath with shower facilities. Towels and soap are provided. A hairdryer is also available on request. Each building has an ice machine.


At La Cantina European dishes are served up alongside Tex-Mex specialities such as fajitas, burritos and tortillas in a recreation of a Santa Fe market. In the fun "food court" style buffet guests collect their salad from the back of a real Dodge truck which is parked up like a counter and petrol pumps double as drinks dispensers.

The walls are covered with decorative hubcaps.
A children’s menu is also available. Sombreros, cactus and a Grand Canyon mural decorate the dining area beyond.

The restaurant seats 700. Continental breakfast is included in the room price or you can request a Fantasyland breakfast in the Chalet de la Marionnette at no extra cost, which also gets you into the park an hour early. A hot American-style breakfast can also be purchased at a supplement.
Click on this link for a virtual tour of La Cantina

In the Rio Grande bar enjoy one of Disney's imaginative cocktails or maybe another Mexican speciality a Tequila Sunrise. There is also outdoor terraced seating. There is live music or karaoke in the bar most evenings.

Click on this link for a virtual tour of the Rio Grande Bar


The Trading Post offers a good selection of Disney theme park souvenirs as well as snacks and drinks, toiletries and a range of hotel logo products. If you have made purchases in the parks and had them sent to the hotel you can collect them here in the evening. Photos taken with one of the characters in the hotel lobby can also be viewed and collected here.
Next door to the hotel is a petrol station which also sells basic groceries.


In the hotel grounds there is a Mexican playground "Totem Circle", themed on the relics of an Indian village

Check in time is 3 p.m. but if you arrive before that you can leave your luggage here while you head off to the parks. Check out is 11 a.m. but again you may leave your luggage and collect it later when you are ready (or as ready as you’ll ever be!) to leave.
Shuttle buses leave every 15 minutes or so – more frequently at busy times. Or you can walk to the main park in 15 - 20 minutes on the path that runs alongside the Rio Grande between the hotels Santa Fe and Cheyenne, round the edge of Lake Disney and through Disney Village.
There is no pool or air conditioning though all rooms have a ceiling fan.


A very basic but clean and comfortable hotel “in the heart of the Magic” which provides everything you could need with no frills

There is a separate thread (below) with more details of the 4 themed trails in the grounds of the hotel.

Sincere apologies to anyone whose pictures I have used without permission.


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May 5, 2004
Hope this is ok. I'm sure there are mistakes and errors - please feel free to let me know and I'll correct them. Thanks. :sunny:


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Apr 18, 2005
Were you asking a question or just posting about the Hotel?
We stayed there a few years.
Would not stay there again.


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May 5, 2004
Scattered around the pueblos of the Hotel Santa Fe guests discover numerous icons which link together to make 4 separate trails, each representing aspects of desert life.

Along the "Trail of Artefacts" guests discover a Saguaro cactus encased in a huge glass structure. The arms of the cactus are decorated with brightly coloured flowers but the shadows they cast are of human beings!!! and there is even a grounded flying saucer as in Roswell, New Mexico!.
There is also a very brightly coloured reminder of the dangers of life in the desert and the wrecks of old cars abandoned along Route 66.

The "Trail of Water"

examines the importance of water in desert life. Beginning high on the tallest pueblo and cascading downwards. Guests can follow its journey as it fills streams and fountains

The “Trail of Monuments is symbolised by a bird (why?)

and is supposed to be reminiscent of Monument Valley, a Navajo Tribal Park in Utah. (It pays to have a good imagination here!!)

Finally on the “Trail of Legends” symbolised by the White Bison
a volcano (again – why??) and a golden building (representing the Gold Rush)
remind guests of the legends of the Wild West.

There are more details (in French) on this site:


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Jul 30, 2002
It's excellent, Diana ~ Thank you so much. My DW has just ordered the Los Cabbaleros sericel you featured too!

Richard :)

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    Jun 17, 2000
    Thanks for putting this FAQ together. I also love the photos - I missed so much when I stayed at the Santa Fe many years ago. I think the hotel has a real sense of humour, with lots of 'in-jokes' for aficionados of that part of the USA!

    I've merged Part 1 and Part 2 of your FAQ so the thread is easier to find, and added a link to Richard's index of all the hotel FAQs.




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    You've done a wonderful FAQ Di. And the photos really make it look great! :goodvibes


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    Di you have done a great job here! Thank you for doing this, I know how time consuming it is!
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    Mar 30, 2005
    Well we saw a volcanoe and went looking for the UFO, but I had no idea there was so much there - what a fantastic report. :cool1:


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    May 5, 2004
    Thank you so much to all of you who've responded so positively - I really do appreciate it!! :grouphug: It was very time-consuming but I LOVE DLP so much :love: that it was a labour of love!!! :sunny:


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    The ?Trail of Monuments is symbolised by a bird (why?)
    That bird is a roadrunner, which is very common in the southwest. The photos and description are great!


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    May 5, 2004
    Ashley said:
    That bird is a roadrunner, which is very common in the southwest. The photos and description are great!
    Thank you Ashley. I remember being at the Santa Fe at night and the bird's legs do "move" like it's running so that makes perfect sense!! :sunny:


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    You've done a fantastic job Diana! :)

    I had absolutely no idea those trails were there! They look like a lot of fun, would you say it's worth taking an hour out of my day to go and investigate?


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    May 5, 2004
    PigSoldier said:
    You've done a fantastic job Diana! :)

    I had absolutely no idea those trails were there! They look like a lot of fun, would you say it's worth taking an hour out of my day to go and investigate?
    Thank you Suzi!! :)
    I probably shouldn't say this but we've stayed at the Santa Fe twice and haven't done the trails yet because the parks are always so enticing - or our feet hurt too much for more walking when we get back to the hotel at the end of the day!!! We came across some of the icons which were near our rooms each time - the flying suacer is particularly good and I would love to see the cactus - maybe next time??? :sunny:


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    Thank you so much...Nice to see what to expect before we get there...

    You are a gem...


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    Just what i needed! great!

    Just a few quick ?s if that's ok....

    Is the hotel actually ok? i saw someone said they wouldn't stay there again? why is that?


    The disney character there for breakfast... is it always someone good? lol....

    or is it worth going into the park early for breakfast?