Hot Tip-Double check your ressies at hotel before you leave home!


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Oct 21, 2000
Just thought I would share this in hopes of alleviating problems. I just called my hotel to request a ground floor room for medical reasons and I was told that there was no confirmation # like that and I did not have my 2 rooms. Boy did I panic! After quite a lengthy conversation, the ressie was made all over again, with a new confirmation #. Maybe it's a good idea to call ahead before you leave home and make sure everything is OK! Now if that's the only problem we have, and Delta's flights are straightened out, we can relax and enjoy!
We double checked everyting on our ride to the airport and to remind them that we would be arriving late and they said everyting was all set. Guess reservation when we arrived at 1AM and they stuck us in a room for the night....I posted the details before I just think you need to bring all your paperwork as well.

'81CR, Poly


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