Hospital to Avoid in FL?

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    Nov 7, 2007

    I've tried elsewhere to get the answer to this question, but I know someone here will help me out. Some friends are leaving on Saturday for their first trip to the World. Their eldest DD (11 y/o) has a heart condition that's well controlled, but they'd like to know where to go if they need medical attention. I've read somewhere (and now can't find...despite multiple searches) that there is one hospital in particular that gets great ratings, and a couple in the Orlando area they should avoid.

    Can anyone help, please??

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    I do not know about hospitals in general, but as a pediatric cardiac nurse- I suggest they consider Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital. They currently have the best pediatric cardiac department in Orlando. None of the other hospitals have anything significant. It's near downtown Orlando.

    For trauma care, general illnesses- closer hospitals may be OK- but if they are concerned about her heart, they don't want to play around with people who don't know pediatric heart disease.

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